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The Importance of doing a Gap Year in an

patricia jeronimo ana pereira daniela matias

daniela matias

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of The Importance of doing a Gap Year in an

the importance of doing a gap year in an english speaking country what is a Gap year? the importance of
taking a Gap year why take a Gap year? Do you want to stop your studies for one year? You can do a Gap year. In spite of most people think that a gap year is all about drink and have fun, you can learn many things with that experience. Taking a Gap Year is taking a year out of studyng to do
something else. Many people take a gap year before starting college or university,
but it can be taken any time.

Some students spend the time traveling, others spend the time
working and sometimes earn money, mostly in the hospitality industry.
A popular option for gap year students, also known as "gappers", is international volunteering.

Another option for gappers is global education
programs that combine language study, community service and homestays, when the visitor can rent a room for a local family to better learn the local lifestyle as well as improve their language.

Improve our English

A year is sufficient time to improve your English. It’s a skill you’ll have for the rest of your life and that will help you not only, in your studies but also in the business world.

Work experience

Is someting that can give you some experience in your area and
therefore help you to get a job.
For example, you can take a gap year doing voluteering in Africa, helping in the
hospital area. That will give some experience in that area and will be usefull.
The experience itself

You will have new experience and see things and places that you never saw.
You will meet new people, new cultures, new life styles.
You will gain your independence.
You will become a better person.
Conclusion We all would like to do a gap year, because we think that would be a good experience and would hep us to get a job.

However we would like to do that after we finish the univerty, because we don't think we should loose an year of study and we think that it would be good to get some experience for finding a good job.
Introduction Work done by: Daniela Nº6
Ana Nº2
Patricia Nº19 What is a Gap Year?
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