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Glidden and Walmart

ADV 4500 Advertising Research

Kadeem Samuel

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Glidden and Walmart

Kelsey Billings

Angelina Collazo

Kathryn Craig

Juliana Gonzalez Ashley Rutstein

Kadeem Samuel

Juan Sanchez

Emily Smith What's The Challenge Glidden Paint Brand Glidden in Walmart Founded in 1875
Third largest paint company in the world
DIY Legacy
Introduced first water borne interior latex paint
First environmentally friendly low odor paint
Invented ceiling paint that goes on pink and drys white In 2010 inked an exclusive deal with Walmart as sole paint manufacturer
Partnership with Better Homes and Gardens
Simplified the color center for customers
Glidden retails between $25-$29
Better Homes retails between $16-$19
Glidden's portfolio currently brings in 40% of paint sales Build awareness of the Glidden paint portfolio in Walmart stores
Encourage shoppers to purchase Glidden paint solely and more frequently at Walmart Qualitative Research Target Market Recommendations Focus Groups Focus Group Findings Quantitative Objectives Survey Overview Quantitative Findings Recommendations The ICT Crowd Partnerships With Bloggers Social Media Project Types
Retailer preferences Price
Experience/Projects "Like, if anything, the packaging is really good and makes me want to buy it. The first one looked like it was made in a house, but that one looks like they spent time, like, actually thinking about and making it shiny, which is going to grab people's attention." "It depends on what project you're doing, to make it last. For example, the company that painted the inside of our apartment only put on one coat, and it scratches and marks very easy. It looks like trash now."
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