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Intro to the Arts - Prezi Original

No description

Trent Berlinger

on 20 May 2011

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Transcript of Intro to the Arts - Prezi Original

Introduction to the Arts
Project: Amano

Trent Berlinger Amano: Origins Child - Paper Rolls
15 - Tatsunoko
Speed Racer The Early 1980's 1982 - Bye Tatsunoko
Fantasy/Sci-Fi - VPD
Visual Novels
Character Design
-VPD Movie - 1985 1987 - Beginning of a Legacy Square - Games
Story of Final Fantasy
Final Fantasy I - 1987
-Warrior of Light Final Fantasy II
-Heroes/Villain The Legacy Continues Final Fantasy III - 1990
Final Fantasy IV - 1991
Final Fantasy V - 1992
Final Fantasy VI - 1994
-Wavy Dominant
-Bright Red = Heroe Down, but Not Out 1997-1999
Final Fantasy VII - 1997
-Massive Waves
-Sad Emotions
Final Fantasy VIII - 1999
-Colorful and Fun
-Unlike Tone The Legend Return Final Fantasy IX - 2000
-Head Designer
-Hero, Light/Dark Comb.
-Villain, Dark Dom.
-Promo/Logo Final Fantasy 2001-2006 Final Fantasy X - 2001
Final Fantasy X-2 - 2003
-Return to Characters
-Gullwings No BG
Final Fantasy XII 2006
-Black Dreary
-Premonition of Taste? 20th Anniversary - Dissidia Final Fantasy XIII development time
Combine characters from all games in one
Dissidia - 2007
-Latin for “Conflict”
-20 years of Style Final Fantasy 2008-2010 FFIV: The After Years
-Return to 91 2008
-Art for FFIV CC
Final Fantasy XIII
-Mix Colors/Styles
Final Fantasy XIV
-Black, Prem. Of Taste? Final Fantasy Future - Logos Final Fantasy Future - Logos 2 Amano vs Nomura Other Notable Work 2000 Freelance
-Sandman: The Dream Hunters
-Nominated for Award
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