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No description

Kyra Pietschmann

on 11 May 2011

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Transcript of Procedure

How To Paint
Your Nails Introduction Materials Nail Polish Your Hands Hard Surface By: Kyra
Pietschmann Procedure 1) Gather your materials. 2)Pick your favourite colour(or multiple colours). 3) Take your nail polish bottle 4)Now twist the lid right to open 5)Grab the lid and take it out of the bottle. 6)Next take your free hand and place on your hard surface. 7)Using the hand with the nail polish lid,put the brush on any nail of your free hand. 8)With the brush, stroke up and down, covering your whole nail with nail polish. 9)Continue steps 6-8 until all of your nails are painted. 10)Let nails dry for 5-10 minutes. 11) Enjoy!! Evaluation You will know if you have succeded
if you have a colourful set of nails, that
show your style and creativity. There's a
99% chance you did it right. Calm Painting your nails is another way
to show your creativity and
personality. What better way to
show your style than with your favourite colours painted on your nails? Nail Polish colour can indicate your mood. Completed nails, you can tell
that she is unique by the way
she paints her nails.
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