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The Berber Dance

No description

luis rodriguez

on 20 April 2011

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Transcript of The Berber Dance

The Berber Dance These Are Berber Instruments THE DRUMS I Hope You Enjoy This Video MARACAS Maracas are used when you dont move to much . People Wear Some Thing That Look Like Sweatpants A White Long Sleeve Shirt WHITE ROBES the berber are a group of people from north and west africa. most are in Morocco and Algeria. they are known for their language , food , music and dance. berber people may also play oboes or bagpipes music performances inolve large groups and use a call-and-response-style of singing. dances are rituals that all people can do. They are performed to create good energy , peace , and spiritual love. the berber poeple dare back to 200 bce , which means 2,211 years ago.
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