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Hunter-Gathers vs Agriculture

No description

Anis Rob

on 20 January 2015

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Transcript of Hunter-Gathers vs Agriculture

Fresh food
Less risk of poison
Less dangerous
Good chance of having food
More food for everyone
Free time to experiment with new inventions
Hunter-Gatherers VS Agriculture
In the end, farmers had more pros than they did cons. The Hunter-gatherers had far more cons. So we decided that farmers had a better lifestyle than hunter-gatherers, and an easier life in ways.
By: Anis Robinson & Kyra Laurel
Hunter Gatherers

Pros & Cons
Followed animals (always had food)
Skilled in Hunting
Protein from meat
Had a good diet
Pros & Cons
Hunter-Gatherers never settled for long & would always move with their herd of food, which made them nomadic.
Farmers settled down, stayed in one place, and lived in little permanent houses.
Could have died on the hunt
Could have gathered poisonous food
Could have gathered stuff that made you sick
Could have lost the animals they were chasing
Was always risky, never 100% if they would catch their food.
Could have droughts
A lot of prolonged work
Chance of the crops dying
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