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Choc'Hotel and Cailler Chocolate Factory

No description


on 21 March 2014

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Transcript of Choc'Hotel and Cailler Chocolate Factory

* Choc'hotel project
* Competitors Study
* Potential guests
* Strengths and Opportunities
* Benefices of our partnership
* Partnership implementing
* Advertisement
* Fundings and resource requirements
Choc'Hotel and
Cailler Chocolate Factory

Choc'Hotel project
* Our hotel
* Location
* Themotels Group
* 90 rooms fully equipped

* 2 restaurants

* 1 spa
Competitors study
* Our competitors

* Our general

* Targeted market
Partnership Project
Potential Guests
* Families and friends
* Scholar public
* Guests who love cooking and baking
* Guests with special expectancies
Strengths and Opportunities
* Our location
* Our theme

* ...and our link with your Chocolate Factory
Benefices of our partnership
* For the Chocolate Factory
- A set number of sales
- Free advertisment
- Higher number of visits

* For the guests
- Focus on quality
- Better product knowledge

* For the hotel
- Competitive advantage

Partnership implementing
* For the Guest
- Website
- Packages
* In the hotel
- Cuisine courses
- Chocolate massages
- Adapted restaurant
- Boutique
* On internet
* By word of mouth
* In the hotel
* In the chocolate factory
Funding and resource requirement
Our goal : to increase the sales and the occupation rate
Sales revenue
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