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Theocracy vs. absolute monarchy

No description

Charlie Rocci

on 1 April 2011

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Transcript of Theocracy vs. absolute monarchy

Theocracy vs. Absolute Monarchy Whats the difference? Absolute Monarchy is
one family that is in all control
of the whole entire country. aadsf as for The king decides if
he follows the laws or not. After the king has
died there heir takes
there place. The king makes
all of the laws and decides
if he follows them or not as for is a leader for religious
purposes A good example is
ancient Egypt They picked a pharoah
because they thought
that he was a god. If there was ever a natural
disaster or a drought the pharoah
would be the one blamed. Absolute Monarch and Theocracy Are run very
similar but chosen in different
ways By Charlie Rocci An example for
absolute monarch
is Leichtenstein It has been an
absolute monarchy until recently
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