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Black Veil Brides

No description

Sara Roach

on 16 June 2014

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Transcript of Black Veil Brides

Black Veil Brides
Andy Biersack
Is the lead singer
Born as Andrew Dennis Biersack on December 26th in 1990, and he is an only son
Went to school with A.D.D and was bullied
He gets his lyrics from his
school expierences
Ashley Purdy
Is the Bassist for the band and is a backup singer
Born as Ashley Abrocket Purdy on January 28th in 1984, and he is also an only child
Went to school and was a "popular kid" but he was raised by his grandparents
Why I love the band Black Veil Brides?
That's simple, it's because they have meaning full words in their lyrics:
"To heal, your scars
I will give you everything I can"
Their songs have helped a lot of
people who are really depressed
and give them hope,
I should know because,
I'm one of them.
Christian "CC" Coma
Plays the drums
Born as Christian Coma Mora on April 21st in 1984
And he was also bullied in school
Jake pitts
Lead guitarist
Born as Jacob Mark Pitts on August 21st in 1988
He was also bullied in school
Jeremy "Jinxx" Miles Ferguson
Rhythm guitarist, and Violinist and Pianist
Born as Jeremy Miles Ferguson on January 7 in 1986
He was quiet when he was in school so he was bullied as well
The Fallen Angels
Lets just say that they are all funny and have words of wisdom :P They are a very good band. I've put two videos here one when they had their make up and warpaint on and one without. They are a metal band so if you don't like it turn away but if you do, watch 'em!!! xD
He gives good
advice.. And
has a fun
side :)
He gives good advice
as well.. And also has
a fun side :)
He's the funniest
/craziest person
in the band. He
also gves good
advice :)
He is funny
an gives good
advice :)
He has good quotes
and is funny :)
With make up
& warpaint
without make up & warpaint
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