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Workout Class - Cowbell's ISU

No description

Zenia Adiwijaya

on 20 October 2016

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Transcript of Workout Class - Cowbell's ISU

Sponsored by:
Cowbells' Ice Cream Company
Beyond The Bar
Target Market: Millenials
Honey Oat Wafer
Green Tea Powder
Matcha Green Tea Frozen Yogurt
Greek Yogurt
Are you ready for....

Vanilla Matcha Green Tea Frozen Yogurt
With Oat Blend Honey Wafers and a Chocolate Energy Swirl
Iowa State University
Colby Abrams
Zenia Adiwijaya
Taylor Boyle
Maria Dickson
Jesse Fitch
Natalie Haag
Emily Simonson
Amanda Speltz

Contains: Probiotics

MPC 85 Low lactose
(MPC 85 LL)
Texture and Consistency
Where can you find it?
Shelf Life
Workout Class
Table 1. Just About Right Sensory Panel Responses to Beyond the Bar
Table 2. Nutritional Comparison of Beyond the Bar and Competitor Products
Nutrition Label
Beyond The Bar
's Unique Ingredients
Grocery Stores
Fitness Centers
$0.84/ bar

Natural sweeteners
Chocolate Energy Swirl
B Vitamins
Boost metabolism
Forecast to increase 28% in revenue in 4 years (2015-2019)
(According to Research and Markets, 2015)
Annual sales of frozen yogurt: $194 million
Retail Price:
Source of whole grains
Largest generation in the marketplace
78 million consumers by 2030
Tend to snack several times a day
Demand individually packaged products for "on-the-go" lifestle
Market trends show a growing preference for healthy, low processed foods
Look for snacks that go BEYOND basic nutrition
Energy boost
Improve mood
Why Millennials?
One hour at 21 degrees Celsius

Mode of Failure = Wafer
regulate fluid balance
muscle & mental function
metabolic health

Low Fat
Aids digestive health
New formulation increases shelf life

20 minutes at room temperature showed minimal visual degradation

Shelf life extended to over 6 months
For the Future
Expansion of Beyond the Bar Flavors

Red Berry flavored frozen yogurt with a Chocolate wafer

Tropical flavored frozen yogurt with a Coconut wafer

Projected 5% sales growth per year using attractive and aggressive marketing strategies
(n= 76)
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