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Babe Ruth

No description

Callista Heth

on 29 April 2013

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Transcript of Babe Ruth

George Herman Ruth Jr
was born February 6th,
1895 in Baltimore, Maryland to
George Sr and Kate Ruth. How I Relate- Natalie George Herman Ruth Jr was one of eight
children, he and his sister Mamie where
the only ones who survived. George Herman
Ruth Jr was nicknamed Babe Ruth. Babe was first married to Helen Ruth
and adopted a daughter, Dorothy Ruth.
Later Babe and Helen separated leaving
Dorothy to live with her adopted mom.
Helen soon died in a house fire, January
1929. Soon after Babe married Claire Ruth
in April 1929. Dorothy moved in with
them after the death of her adopted
mother. Babe died August 16th, 1948
in New York City. Why- We choose to research Babe Ruth
because we both like baseball.
Resilient Attributes- Babe was optimistic,
a survivor, Babe had acceptance, and
had a strong social support system. What- Babe Ruth was diagnosed with cancer.
Where/When- Babe continued to play baseball because the love of the game. The way I relate to how Babe Ruth was resilient is when I wanted to play volleyball.
-Optimistic How I Relate- Callista The way I relate to Babe Ruth was is when I played basketball and I knew everybody else knew how to play basketball and I didn't.
-Optimistic Babe Ruth
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