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7up Presentation

Marketing Research

Faham Usman

on 29 January 2016

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Transcript of 7up Presentation

Compiled by:
Salimah B. Shah
Syeda Ammarah Mohiuddin

There are (or were) seven ingredients in 7Up.

The original 7Up bottle was seven ounces.

Mr. Grigg saw a cattle brand that looked like 7 Up, and he liked it enough to name his soda after it.

Mr. Grigg named his new soda after a popular card game at the time that was also called 7up.
7up is a brand of lemon-lime flavored

Non-caffeinated soft drink

The red spot between 7andup has been animated and used as a mascot for the brand as cool spot (in 1987)

The product was originally named as “Bib-Label Lithiated Lemon-Lime Soda". It contained lithium citrate, a mood-stabilizing drug until 1950

Variants: Retro 7up, Diet 7up, Cherry7up, diet Cherry7up, Orange 7up,Rasberry 7up, 7upFree, 7up lime, 7upYerbabuena (only available in Columbia 2013 for limited time)

Discontinued: 7upGold, 7up Ice cola, 7upsidedown, 7up tropical splash, 7up plus
Situation Analysis
The three giants of soda field:
Coca Cola
Pepsi Cola
7up being the member of PepsiCo brand, targeted itself and focused towards the lemon-lime flavor and tried to portray itself not only as a beverage which can consume with spicy food but it can be taken with any type of food, going with its tagline “food ka love”

In 1986, PepsiCo Inc. bought 7-Up’s international division for $246 million

PepsiCo had originally offered to buy both the American and international interests of 7-Up for $380 million but the United States Federal Trade Commission blocked that deal on grounds of violating antitrust laws

7-Up International was the third-largest soft drink company both abroad and inside the United States and operated in more than 85 countries
Market review
Market review
Within the non-alcoholic beverages market, soft drinks are the largest division in Pakistan

This market has reached its mature stage, and brings in roughly in billions annually
Facts about the Company
PepsiCo is a USA based public company whose stocks are available all over the world

PepsiCo purchases Seven-Up International, the third largest franchise soft drink operation outside the United States
When Pepsi was introduced in Pakistan, it faced fierce competition with 7up, lemon and lime drinks, which was established during 1968, in Multan. Pepsi introduced its lemon and lime, "Teem" to compete with 7up. It successfully, after some years, took over 7up, and this enhanced Pepsi's profits and market share. In Pakistan, Pepsi with 7up enjoys 70% of the market share where as the coke just has 20% markets share.

SWOT Analysis
7up is recognized and available to everyone
Strong back force of Pepsi
Available in different types of packaging with the needs of the consumer
7up is served in restaurant as a substitute for other citrus flavored soft drinks

Soft drinks are perceived as unhealthy
Health conscious individuals are moving towards healthier drinks
Other flavors of 7up are only available in other countries and regions
Liquid concentrates and powder concentrates are seasonal categories in the market and their sales peak in summer in Pakistan (Rooh Afza / Jami shirin)

Teens and other adults are always looking for the next big thing
7up has a strong social media influence
PepsiCo has money and resources to promote and add new flavors for 7up
Competing brands may make similar tasting / flavored drinks

Healthier flavored alternative are present in the market and are quickly becoming popular

The main competitor is Sprite and Mountain Dew which has the similar taste

Internal & External factors affecting strategies
External Factors
The environment continues to change rapidly.
Due to eating habit in Pakistan, consumer prefer cola free soda drink for digestion.
Hot weather lasts in Pakistan for 7 months which create urge for soft drink to satisfy the thirst.
Soft drinks have vice versa relationship with occasions and celebrations.

Internal Factors
Increase in market share
Increase in sales
Tough competition with competitors such as sprite campaign “man ki maan”
Increase in Distribution

Target Audience
Gender----------- both
Family size-----------any
Social class------------working class, middle class, upper middle and upper- upper class

Country size-------------Pakistan
Density or area------------- Urban
Climate-------------------All (but more sales in summers)

Lifestyle--------------food lovers, innovators, believers, achievers, outgoing, fun-lovers, hygiene conscious and health conscious
Value----------------halal, good for digestion.
Benefits……………....Quality, taste, value of money, Good for digestion, entertainment.

Product/service…....Excited, positive, convenience, quality control.

Occasions…………….Parties, weddings, regular occasions, daily consumption.
Coca cola
Makkah cola
Amrat cola
Shandy cola
Gourmet Cola
Gourmet diet cola
Soda drink
Gourmet malta
Gourmet twister
Gourmet “ soda ice cream”
Murree Brewery’s Big Apple
Gourmet apple
Goumet Diet lemon up
Famous Taglines
Sprite: mirchi pay lagai mirchi ka tarka

Coca cola: hojao good kay lay crazy!
Fanta: nazar pheekhi chashma colourful
Product Positioning
7Up is available in all retailer shops, major super markets in metro cities.
Also available in malls, offices through specially designed wending machine by PepsiCo itself.

The focus is on the quality of taste and ingredient so that It can fulfill the purpose of digestion
Delivers healthy and hygiene product to the customers

Superior taste
7up is a lemon-lime soda drink which is cola and caffeine free
The idea is just not any soft drink, it is


Big idea generation
“Manalo Food ka Love with 7up”, the campaign was created by BBDO Pakistan that shows the delicate, yet important relationship that 7up has with food.
7up is complimented with food due to intake of heavy meals in dinners/lunch and spicy food in Pakistan
Lemon-lime soda helps is digestion
7up is highly active on social media to capture youth
The humorous jingle, catchy tagline and impressive direction have managed to spur the audience’s attention, associating 7up with food that helps them digest it. 
The white soda is popular in the older segment. However, 7up with its latest TVC campaign has altered the perception of consumer by taking youngsters and associating the drink.

Branding Review
Consumer view a brand name as an important part of the product and branding can add value to the product
A name, term, sign, symbol or design or a combination of these intended to identify the goods and services of one seller or group of seller and to differentiate them from their competitors
7up (cool spot and fido dido)
7Up markets itself as a refreshing lemon-lime flavored soft drink
The drink was first introduced to the market in 1929 and quickly became the third most popular soft drink outside world
Today it is owned by PepsiCo (and the Dr Pepper Snapple Group in the US)
7Ups television and few print ads appeal to a young audience, featuring food with the intake of 7up
Media Analysis
It is a very important factor for marketing. Media these days is a very effective way of inspiring people to buy a specific product. A good promotion can boast up sales to a great extent.

Geo Tv Social media sites
Humtv Facebook
Sama Tv Twitter
Express Tv Blogs
ARY Digital video channels
Product Perception
first sodas to introduce sugar-free and caffeine free options
Now a days 7up advertisements focus on brand awareness
The crisp, clean taste of 7up delivers more of the natural lemon-lime flavor which you love
7up promotes the sweet relationship, spreading love in ad that people while eating food, with complements of the light soda beverage.

Product Perception
The TVC directly targets the audience’s thought process that transparent, fizzy drink are a good complement to a person’s meal and that it also helps in digesting food

Bigger players in the market like Pepsi are involved into ‘Cricket’ while Coke has strong association with ‘happiness’.  That leaves 7up to promote ‘love for food’. 

Though its really catchy, stylish, and attractive yet it teaches you how to steal something with style
The jingle says “I can cross every limit to get 7up”, gives us a sense and crossing the limit of stealing anything
Social circle has termed it as a bad example for young generation to violate legal and social norms to get a thing like 7up

Sprite and 7up

7up Social Media Campaign
Situational Analysis
Soft drinks are seen as US liquid refreshment beverages.
Carbonated soft drinks account for the bulk of industry revenue.
Canes juice cart, Lassi and Gola ganda are considered as Pakistan liquid refreshment beverages.

Essential Message
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