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Arts & Science Minors for Engineers

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Transcript of Arts & Science Minors for Engineers

Arts & Science Minors
for Engineers
Just because you like
Doesn't meant you don't like
So if you're interested in...
Cinema studies
American studies
Political Science
Urban studies
Or 50 more subject areas.
We’ll show you how you can earn a minor.
Presented by:
Sharon Brown, Manager & Student Counsellor, Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office

Created by: Jennifer Fabro, Communications Coordinator, Office of the Registrar
Good news for you!
Engineering recognizes Arts & Science Minors
It's in the Calendar. Trust us!
It'll go on your transcript
"Awesome. How do I sign-up?"
Well... you don't. Just enrol in the courses on ROSI during enrolment dates. And let us know when you're done. :)
You can't use your "core" courses...
Scratch that... You can use 1.0 FCEs from
core or tech/stream/natural science electives.
But all Engineering programs have elective spots.
Humanities & Social Science
Complementary Studies
Free electives
"But which minor is for me?"
We recommend checking out the websites of Arts & Science (A&S) departments.
The A&S Calendar and Course Finder
are really helpful, too:

"What are the requirements for minors?"
Usually 4 Full Course Equivalents.
That's 8 half courses or 4 full-year courses.
Sometimes there are admission requirements (like minimum grades in certain subjects or minimum CGPA)
Also, specific courses to choose.
Like "must take one Full Course at a
300 Level or above"
Here's an example:
Economics Minor (2016-2017)
Minor program: (4 full courses or their equivalent)

Enrolment in this program is limited to students with 67% in ECO100Y1, or 80% in ECO105Y1

1. Calculus (full year) with a final mark of at least 55%
2. ECO100Y1/ECO105Y1
3. ECO200Y1/ECO204Y1/ECO206Y1
4. 1.0 300+ series ECO course
Watch out for...
Enrolment controls
Waiting lists
Popular courses
Enrolment types: P, E, PE, R, Open
And course requirements:
Recommended Preparation
"Tell me more about that
'core' course business!"
Okay. Here's the thing...
“Students may use any of their HSS elective credits, any of their CS elective credits, any Free Electives credits and/or any 2 other courses (2 Half Course Equivalents) towards their Arts and Science Minor. All other courses taken for the Minor designation must be taken as Extra courses.” 2016-17 Academic Calendar
Mineral Engineering and Minor in Geology
EngSci Physics Option and Minor in Physics
Engineering Math Courses and Minor in Math
Also, course overload is usually not permitted unless you can PROVE to your department that you can handle it
"What about summer courses?"
Yeah! Good idea.

But offerings can be limited. And there's extra tuition.
And? What about that job?
Also, Engineering timetables are usually pretty FULL, right?

Not always easy to find an elective that fits.
If you've started an A&S minor, you can even finish it AFTER you graduate!
So remember...
Don't add a "SubjectPOST" on ROSI.

Just enrol in the courses.
If you're doing anything weird (like not taking EXACTLY the courses your minor prescribes) D*O*C*U*M*E*N*T it.
Then in the winter of your final term,
we'll ask you to notify us what minor you went for and what courses you took to get it done.
We'll confirm it with the appropriate A&S department, then once you graduate, we'll add the minor to your lovely transcript!
"Okay. But WHY do I want to do this?"
We want to RECOGNIZE your hard work
Adds BREADTH to your education
Reflects your other INTERESTS
But, of course....
Your Engineering degree comes first!
"Who can help me?"
Engineering’s Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office
Advising for specific questions about minors
Contacting depts. on your behalf when your minor is almost complete
Add the notation on your transcript

Engineering Registrar's Office
General information about minors, Academic Calendars, etc.

Engineering Undergraduate Counsellors
Get confirmation on HSS, CS, Free Elective, Extra Credits, overloading

A&S Program Counsellors
General inquiries on A&S courses and programs
Permission to take courses with enrolment restrictions
Any questions?
If you have more questions, come see me at 44 St. George St. (Cross-Disciplinary Programs Office)
An Arts & Science Minor takes a little bit of luck and a lot of HARD WORK. But, luckily, Engineers are excellent at working hard!
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