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Feldman's Ice Cream

Sec 1 AEP Term 2 Week 5 Tuesday

Chong Chia Hwei

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of Feldman's Ice Cream

Auguste Renoir,
"Portrait of Madame Claude Monet," 1872 Impressionism Vincent Van Gogh
"Self-Portrait with Straw Hat," 1887 Post-Impressionism Henri Matisse, "Woman with a hat," 1905 Fauvism Pablo Picasso, "The Weeping Woman," 1937 FELDMAN'S ICE CREAM CUBISM DESCRIBE ANALYSE DESCRIBE ANALYSE DESCRIBE ANALYSE DESCRIBE ANALYSE Each of you will be given 4 ice-cream sticks DESCRIBE (2) ANALYSE (2) When you make a valid point on the artwork shown, give your ice cream stick to me. Students who have NO ice cream sticks at the end of each round get a prize :) TOPICS TO STUDY FOR SA1 Neo-Classicism Jacques-Louis David, 'The Oath of Horatii,' 1784 'Death of Marat,'
1794 Romanticism Theodore Gericault,
'Raft of the Medusa,' 1819 Eugene Delacroix,
'Liberty Leading The People,' 1830 Realism Gustave Courbet,
'The Stonebreakers,' 1849 Jean-Francois Millet,
'The Gleaners,' 1857 Impressionism Claude Monet, 'Impression: Sunrise,' 1872-3 Edgar Degas, 'Prima Ballerina,' 1878 Paul Cezanne, 'Mont Sainte-Victoire,' 1902-4 Vincent Van Gogh, 'The Starry Night,' 1889 Post-Impressionism Fauvism Andre Derain, Charing Cross Bridge, 1906 Henri Matisse, 'Icarus,' 1944 Cubism Georges Braque,
'Man with a guitar,' 1911 Pablo Picasso,
'The Three Musicians,' 1921 not forgetting... Elements of Art & Principles of Design Feldman's Approach Whiteboard Pictionary 1 volunteer to read out
a description of an artwork

2 volunteers to go up to the whiteboard and draw what
they think the artwork looks like, based on the description moral of the story... Always say exactly what it is you are describing!

Useful questions to ask yourself:
What can I see or recognize in this artwork?
What do I think is the main subject of this artwork?
How would I describe this artwork to someone over the phone? Picasso SOVA Assignments Review your answers and grades
Rewrite your answers based on what you have learned about describing and analyzing today
Consult the teacher if you have doubts Next Lesson Deadline for Self-Portraits submission Introduction to the Drawing & Painting paper,
SOVA content recap
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