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EMILY's List

No description

Lauren Reddington

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of EMILY's List

When did the Communications Department become a vital part of EMILY's List? Was there always a Communications Department? Introduction to EMILY's List How have your strategies changed due to new media? Do you do PR for EMILY's List as an organization or do you focus on the individual candidates? What do you do during a typical day? Working at the largest PAC, keeping up with politics is essential. What publications do you read to stay informed? How did you get started at EMILY's List, especially as a guy? Introduction to EMILY's List An Interview with Matt Burgess
Communications Director of
EMILY's List
- Began in 1985 with Ellen Malcolm & 25 women with their Rolodexes
- EMILY= Early Money Is Like Yeast because it makes the dough (campaign funds) rise
- Now the largest PAC in the country -During the 1990s
-Originally, they sent out only letters but as the Internet and media expanded, so did the department - Opportunity
- Look at every single open seat in Congress
-Determine if it's possible to win & who
would be the best candidate -Able to keep better track of media hits
through Google Alerts
-Easier to listen to what the public is thinking
through blogs and Twitter accounts
-Able to get messages out through Facebook
and other forms of social media -The Communications Dept does both
-Create news releases & media kits specifically
for EMILY's List
-As for individual candidates, they advise how to build strong campaigns
-They hold workshops for campaign managers and candidates on the influence of social media
and how to connect to today's public. -Get up early (if you go into PR, get used to the early hours)
-Check media hits & see what's the big news
-Interns get to EMILY's List at 7:30am
-Check on campaigns
-Write articles to the media
-Keep a close eye on politics
-Constantly read blogs -Politico (2010 Section)
-The Hill
-Roll Call
-Blogs -Worked on campaigns
for women
-Most of the female candidates
by coincidence were funded by
EMILY's List
-Began in the Political Dept for
EMILY's List
-Has since taken over the
Communications Dept
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