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IIE's State of the Institute 2013-18

This presentation includes fundamental information about the Institute as well as a list of member benefits that can contribute to the career development of any IIE member.

David Brandt

on 1 July 2013

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Transcript of IIE's State of the Institute 2013-18

State of the Institute Report
2013-18 Strategic Plan
May 20, 2013
IIE Annual Conference and Expo
San Juan, Puerto Rico

Conferences, Meetings and Events
Chapters, Societies, Divisions
Progressive Levels of Leadership
On-the-Job Training
Inexpensive and Low-Risk Way to Develop New Skills
Region/Chapter Membership
Discounted Student Dues
IE Magazine
Free Trial
Retention Focus
Corporate Membership
Discounted Products/Services
Professional Networking
Leadership Development Opportunities
Education and Training
Publishing and Speaking Opportunities
Job Search Assistance
Skills Certification
Advocacy for the Profession
Member Value
Develop Roles, Responsibilities, Job Descriptions, Succession Plans
Encourage Talent to Volunteer, and Match Volunteers to Opportunities
Train and Mentor Volunteers
Expand Technological Resources
Recognize Service
Effective Volunteer
of Academia
Increase Participation of Faculty in IIE
Support Faculty Advisors and Student Leaders
Involve Graduate Students in IIE
Improve Conversion Rate to Professional Member
Coordinate Efforts between IIE, CIEADH and ABET
Encourage IIE Membership at Student Conferences
Educate Funding Agencies on ISyE
Facilitate Collaboration Between Academia and Industry
Improve the Quality of Content
Connect Members and Potential Employers
Expand Leadership Development Opportunities
Connect Industry Participants at IIE Events
Develop and Expand Industry Awards
Facilitate Collaboration between Industry and Academia
Education, Training
& Knowledge
Partner with Accrediting Bodies, Universities and Other Global Organizations
Promote Awareness of Opportunities
Increase Domestic and International Training Through Multi-Channels and the Web
Expand Certificate Program Offerings
IE Body of Knowledge
Expand Journal Offerings
International Conferences
Expand University Region Conferences
Grow Professional and Student Chapters
Strengthen Depth of Volunteer Leadership
Leverage Committed Members
Expand Product and Service Offerings
Develop and Integrate Plans for Target Markets
Short- and Long-Range Marketing Plan
Leverage Multimedia
Educate Society about What IEs Do
Encourage Faculty and Business Leaders to be Advocates
Publicize Accomplishments
Image and
Image & Awareness of the ISyE Profession
International Presence
Education, Training & Knowledge
Industry Participation
Involvement of Academia
Effective Volunteer Network
Strategic Areas
of Focus
Provide knowledge, training, networking opportunities, and recognition to enhance
the skills and effectiveness of the industrial
and systems engineering profession and
those individuals involved with improving
quality and productivity.
IIE Promotes the Profession
ABET Support
NCEES Support
National Engineers Week
Future City
New Faces of Engineering
Public Policy Symposium
Today in America
Many more ...

Career Center
Job Target
Member Directory
Job Search
IIE Transactions
Engineering Economist
Journal of Enterprise Transformation
IIE Transactions on Healthcare Systems Engineering
IIE Transactions on Occupational Ergonomics & Human Factors
Conferences, Events & Meetings
Societies & Divisions
Social Media
LinkedIn (more than 28K)
Facebook (more than 8K)
Twitter (more than 4K)
Blogs (300+ blogs in 20+ categories)
Membership Directory
To be the premier organization that advances, promotes and unites the industrial and systems engineering profession worldwide.
Foundation for Success
Focus on Serving the Profession
Serve the Growing IE Community
Broaden IIE Reach
Refine the Institute’s Business Model
Expand IE and IIE Presence and Visibility
Annual in San Juan 2013, Montreal 2014
AEC, Health Systems, Lean Six Sigma
International Events
Agile Events
Public Courses
Corporate Training
Online On-Demand
Certificate Programs
Partnership with Student Chapters
Education &
Kim LaScola Needy
IIE President

Don Greene

Formal Support
Informal Support
Networking Connections
Conference Participation
Social Media
Leadership Roles
Industrial Engineer
Industrial Management
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