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Review: industrial revolution

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able can

on 28 March 2016

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Transcript of Review: industrial revolution

Machines (Inventions)
Processing Machines
Power Engines
Factory System
Cruel discipline and fixed working time
Running for profits: cheap labor and low cost
Huge employed workforce
Farmers who lost the land
The newborns
Agricultural Revolution
New farming methods
Commercial Revolution
Banking system
Raw Materials
Iron and coal deposit
Competition on Colonies: land and population
Free market and laissez-faire policy
Waterways and Canals
Railways and Steamship
Protected by the Royal Navy
Industrial Revolution
Urbanization, Globalization and Nationalism
Huge populated cities as the centers of economy.
The establishment of world market.
The Rise of Two Classes
Aristocrat -- Commoner
The industrial capitalist
The working class
The restructure of politics and Way to democracy and revolution
The Rise of Global Inequality: The Great Divide
Political Stability
Free from war destruction
Protect and encourage business

1. What factors prevented Germany from industrialization in the first half of 1800s? And China in the 19th and 20th centuries?

2. What are some of the the negative effects brought by the Industrial Revolution?

3. Would you like to live in a farming society or an industrial society, why?
Review: Industrial Revolution
To way to nation: Government started to play a bigger and bigger role
People were unprepared to the situation brought by the industrial revolution
Different ways to govern were proposed
Political turmoils and international conflicts took place in the following decades
Bank of England
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