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Viktoria Wich

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Canada

General Facts about Education in Canada
education is provincial responsibility
within the provinces there are district school boards

slight differences between the education systems in each provinces and territories

Quebec is an exception
Elementary School

Secondary School

Post-secondary School
Grading System
Grade Scale German Grades
A+ 90.00 - 100.00 % 15
A 85.00 - 89.99 % 14
A- 80.00 - 84.99 % 13
B+ 77.00 - 79.99 % 12
B 73.00 - 76.99 % 11
B- 70.00 - 72.99 % 10
C+ 67.00 - 69.99 % 09
C 63.00 - 66.99 % 08
C- 60.00 - 62.99 % 07
D+ 55.00 - 59.99 % 06
D 50.00 - 54.99 % 05
F 0.00 - 49.99 % 04 - 0
Semester system
school year is divided into two semesters

for each semester the students have a daily schedule

Table of content
Thank you for your attention,

Secondary School
Junior High School

Senior High School
Post-secondary School
College: two to three years leading to a diploma

University: 3 to 4 years to complete
a degree

3 years = Bachelor's degree
4 years = Advanced major degree or a double degree
can be assigned as letters

usually assigned as a percentage of a total number correct
Daily Schedule
different to our weekly schedule

students can choose four classes
Classes offered in High School
English and Advanced English
Mathematics, Advanced Mathematics and Calculus
Chemistry, Physics and Biology
Social Studies

Drama, Art, Food Studies, Business Education, Gym, ..
the bigger the school, the wider the
variety of courses
earned at the end of a course

depends if a student passes a course or not

certain number of credits are required to graduate high school
Key Subjects
Optional Classes
e.g. in Alberta a student must earn 100 credits in order to graduate high school
one passed course = 5 credits
is written at each end of the semester in Grade 12

contributes 50% of a student's final mark in the course

similar to our A-Level examinations
School Breaks
school starts at the beginning of September

Winter Break

Spring Break

last day of classes at the end of
( around December 20 to January 06 )
( around 10 days in March )
they have their own room
students have to change the rooms
attendance list
School Teams
School trips
Graduation Day
Family Day - third Monday in February

Victoria Day - on the Monday before May 25

Thanksgiving - second Monday in Oktober

Remembrance Day - November 11
Snow Day
= is a day that school classes are cancelled by snow, haevy ice or low temperatures (-40°C)
safety percaution to prevent accidents
Cross Country, Volleyball, Basketball, Track and Field, Golf, Badminton, Rugby
sport is school's responsibility

students represent their school

it's a privilege to play in a school team
& Practice
to get into the Team students have tp pass the tryouts

practice is usually right after school twice a week

every sport is only played for a certain time of period
( about 3 months)
school teams go to tournaments every second or third weekend

play against other school teams

school gets a banner if the team wins championship game
Gym 30 Jasper trip

Honors trip

smaller trips to Edmonton for a theater play
Gym 30 Jasper Trip
Honors Trip
ceremony where students get their diplomas
School uniforms in Canadian schools?
dress code
girls are not allowed to wear hot pans or to show too much skin
sometimes students have to wear the schools color
E.W. Pratt High School




(mostly) www.wikipedia.org

General facts about enducation in Canada
Grading System
Semester System
Classes offered in High School
School Breaks
School Uniform ?
School Teams
School Trips
Graduation Day

personal experiences
- grade 7 to 9
- grade 10 - 12
Teachers are never late !
My year in Canada
& its education
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