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Global Leadership and Culture

The New Math of Multicultural Workgroups

Petr Czilling

on 30 March 2013

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Transcript of Global Leadership and Culture

The New Math of Multicultural Workgroups Global Leadership and Culture Grouping and explaining task - Mr. Mikko explained to the group task
- He divided the students into three groups 1st Meeting - Horrible atmosphere, everyone is bored
- Alexandra wanted to be a leader and devided
roles of group, nobody accept it
- 1st meeting finished soon - No Idea, any solution International group 2nd Meeting - Hanna has Idea make a rules
- Jirani coming late
- Alexandra devides roles
- Situation is worse Worries of students - Everyone feels bad
- Ngoc is annoyed
- Jirani does not respect Alexandra
- Jirani dislike when someone pushes Analyse role of leadership Alexandra - Russia Jirani - Nigeria Ngoc - Vietnam Jirani - Marketing, Hanna - Creative, Ngoc - CEO, Diego - Administrator, Alexandra - Project leader Hanna: I wanted to do Marketing strategy
Ngoc: I don´t want to be CEO I wanted to be Creative I want to be CEO Ok, everyone has a role. Now do your task ! Diego - Mexico Hanna - Finland 3rd Meeting - Jirani did not want to come to meeting
- Nobody has completed tasks
- Diego told he wanted to be Creative
- For Hanna and Ngoc is difficult to do it Alexandra dictates to do it for to the next meeting and did not want to change roles ! Meeting with Mikko - Alexandra told Mikko about group problem
- Nobody does anything I have something more important ... Morning of the presentation - Nobody did not prepare anything
- Nobody knew what to do
- Group failed Mikko & Warren - Mikko told problem in his group
- Warren showed him Math Method
- Difference between nationality Five same figures means the same nationality

Five different figures means different capabilities New Meeting - Analyse internal situation
- Clash of nationalities
- Clarification of the situation
- New roles in the team I will do Marketing I will Creative and take care of Website I will be CEO and Present I would like be TeamLeader Another place will be better for me Celebrating
& Presentation - Alexandra proposed joined dinner
- Everyone did assigned task
- The group has enjoyed success Great job Team ! :( Created by
Bc. Petr Czilling
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