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No description

dylan houston

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of RAMSES II

Template by Missing Link
Images from Shutterstock.com Ramses II weaknesses. Even though he had many strengths, he had many weaknesses too. He had many wives so he had many children. I even think he cheated on some of his wives. Even though they make Egypt beautiful Ramses had too many statues of himself. Ramses lived a long time but this is a weakness because he outlived many of his children. Ramses II impact on Egyptian people. Ramses II is known for his strengths and his impact on ancient egyptians lives. He lived into his nineties so the egyptian people thought he would live forever. Ramses reigned for 66 years so he had to bury some of his children because he outlived some of them. During Ramses reign no enemy attacked Egypt so it was a time of peace. Ramses was a great pharaoh so people called him Ramses the great instead of Ramses II. Thank you Google, Wikipedia, my social studies book, and Mrs. Kester.
O_o RAMSES II RAMSES THE GREAT Ramses had many strengths. Like being able to expand Egypt greatly through war. Ramses had a long war with the Hittites but ended with Ramses having a peace treaty with them. When he was pharaoh, no enemy attacked Egypt. He built many monuments and fixed some old ones made by other pharaohs before him. Ramses II strengths.
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