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Porcinis Pronto

No description

Isaac Reyes

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of Porcinis Pronto

- Upper Management
- Customers
- Employees Obstacle 1 Obstacle 2 Obstacle 3 Start Porcini's If They expand to Fast Casual? Porcini's Pronto Jason Glasgow-Jackson
Shawn Barrett
Chris Bethoney
Isaac Reyes Stakeholders at stake! Best out of the three?...
Syndication!!! - Loss of quality?
- Loss of customers?
- Loss of perceived value?
- Loss of the brand? - Upscale Italian Restaurant
- 23 locations
- Full-service chain
- Wants to expand?
- To grow fast or not to grow fast?

Franchise Syndication Self Financing - Complete control
- 6% pre-tax profit - High cost
- Limited Capital
- Slow growth rate Pros Cons Pros Cons - Limited liability
- Growth with speed - High cost of legal fees Pros Cons - Everything under contract
- One model, multiple locations
- Low liability
- 2% pre-tax profit margin - loss of quality
- not a household name
- not much of a profit Chris Shawn Jason - Complete control over business
- Ability to free up capital Risks Involved It ain't broke don't fix it. Profitability! The End Isaac - Why not grow slow?
- Stay true to family-owned Italian concept
- Maintain the quality and keep customers
- Keep calm and grow on
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