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Case Manager Responsibilites

Module 2A

Shannon Ooten

on 18 August 2017

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Transcript of Case Manager Responsibilites

EC Case Manager Responsibilities
What Do I Need to Do The First Ten Days Of School?
* Obtain a Copy of Each
Student's schedule
on Your Caseload.
Make Sure the
Student’s Schedule
Matches the Services
Stated in the IEP.
EC Modification
Sheets to
Regular Teachers
Within the
First Three
Days of School
All Annual Reviews Should Be Scheduled 30 Days in Advance.
Populate the PCS
Universal EC Spreadsheet
For Keeping Track
of Annual Review
Due Dates And
Reevaluation Due
Dates For Students
On Your Caseload.
Reevaluation Determinations should
be held a 120 days in Advance.

**Obtain Signed Verification Sheets
from Your Regular Teachers Stating
Modifications Were Received.
Contact Each Student on Your Caseload Within the First Ten Days of School. Explain Your Role as Case Manager. Obtain Their Correct Contact Information.
Contact Each Parent Via Email, Telephone Call, or Letter to Introduce Yourself and Your Role as EC Case Manager. Obtain
Their Contact Information and the Best Way to Contact Them.
The End
Thank you for your time!
Throughout the Year
Each Case Manager Should....
- Schedule Annuals Within Timelines
- Tentatively Schedule all meetings within
the first month of school.
- Use given tools to schedule meetings.
- Invite ALL team members.
- Use Google Calendar to schedule.

Forms & More Forms....
- Complete All forms in CECAS - No exceptions.
- All forms should be in draft and ready 5 days prior to the meeting.
- Draft IEP goals should be sent home 5 days
prior to the meeting for the parents to review.
- ALL forms are to be completed, closed and
verified, and signed at the meeting.
- Copies of ALL forms and the meeting minutes
are to be given to the parent at the end of
the meeting.
- Parents must receive a copy of
the parent rights handbook.
After the Meeting
- Put the original copies of ALL forms in the
student's IEP folder.
- Provide copies of new Accommodations &
Modifications to ALL regular education teachers
of the student.
- Meet with data manager and adjust the student's
schedule if IEP team decisions would alter their
current class schedule.
- Update Providers in CECAS.
- Update Sp. Ed. page.
- Update PCS EC Spreadsheet to
reflect updates.
- Data for each IEP goal must live and be
present at the IEP meeting to be discussed
with the team.
- Data pertaining to each goal before and after
each break in school attendance (ex. - fall or
spring breaks) must be present and discussed to
determine ESY eligibility. Follow the procedures
outlined in the ESY determination and referral
- Data on intervention programs must live
and be present at the IEP meeting.
- Progress Reports must be completed
in CECAS and be filled out
- Complete and send all testing request
- Keep track of evaluations in process.
- Use universal PCS EC Tracking Forms.
- Completed ALL forms in CECAS.
- Complete a worksheet for each suspected
- Assessments requested should match from form
to form. If you need an additional assessements
you must complete another DEC 2.
- Please use the evaluation procedures
reference chart to ensure you do not
miss an assessment needed to
qualify or exit.

- Communicate with ALL team members.
- Give the parent survey after each meeting.
- Develop a two-way communication system
with parents.
- Reports progress regularly and pre-meet with
parents prior to meetings.
- Pre-meet with your school based team prior to
- Connect with your ECF regularly.

Additional Business...
- Attend all EC team meetings.
- Attend all EC trainings as requested.
- Use Agendas for ALL meetings.
- Respond to ALL calls and emails within 24 hours.
- Within 3 days of enrollment, the ECF will enter a
comparable service plan in CECAS when an out of
state student enrolls.
- Within 3 days of enrollment schedule a DEC 1
meeting for out of state students.
- If you have concerns or need assistance, contact
your EC Facilitator first.
- Maintain all confidential files to
- Verify reports as requested.

***Make sure you share IEPs and BIPs with each student's General Education Teacher.
Are really, really important!
Make Sure You...
**If something has changed from last year, make sure to remind them to bring the required documentation containing the updated info to the school so their information can be updated in PowerSchool and CECAS.
Don't forget to!
This is very important!
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