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lois primeau

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Untitled Prezi

My Forever Home Author Lois Ann Primeau
and Sara Ferret Primeau This was not always my home. I used to live at a pet store. The humans there were very nice and took good care of me. They fed me, cleaned my cage and when they were not busy, they would play with me. I really just wanted a family to call my own. A family that would know how to take care of me. At nighttime I was lonely and sometimes scared at the pet store. It seemed like forever but one day a lady came in and picked me up and said,"You would be a perfect fit for my family." The excitement bubbled up and out of me. I wiggled around and kissed her over and over. Please do not laugh, but she smelled like peanut butter. Peanut butter is my favorite treat. She put me down. And then she was gone. "Maybe I was too wiggly, maybe I kissed too much, maybe I was not a perfect fit. Would I ever have a home? Would I ever have a name?" I watched through my cage everyday and she did not come back. I was very sad and felt very alone. My name is Sara. I live in a grey house with my family. I have a Mother and 7 brothers and sisters. Their names are Mom, Haily, Tia, Enrico, Tru, and Pearse. They are human. Ping and Eleanor are dogs. At our house we also have pets. Boo is a white hamster, Bob and Steve are green and blue budgies. Oops, I forgot to tell you that I am a ferret. Ping Eleanor The Humans My first day home Eleanor and I having a snack Watching a movie with my family (Friday is Junk Food
Night at our house) Not the end...the beginning..... I am an Aunty Tia and I with my niece My family is getting bigger Now we find forever
homes for the puppies Bray's Pet Store I woke up one morning to strange happy music and red and green twinkling lights everywhere in the pet store. There were so many people in the pet store that day. This was a good day. I might not get a forever home, but I could feel the happiness all around me and I knew only good things would happen.

The pet store was closing and the only lights on were the twinkling lights. I had just snuggled into bed when I felt hands lifting me up. "I smell peanut butter!!" "Could it be true? Did she come back?" There she was, the lady that said I was a perfect fit. There was another voice. A very small and happy voice. It was a family! I could feel the happy bubbles coming out of me again. "Should I kiss them?" But I didn't want to scare them. She wrapped me in a blanket, put me inside her coat and we went outside to her car. So many smells and so many sounds, I was suddenly very scared. I was so scared I started shaking. The lady patted me softly and said,"Everything will be okay honey. You just wait and see." "Wow, was my name Honey?" I wanted to know what would happen next. Yum, yum, peanut butter Yum, yum, peanut butter again. Red and green twinkling lights. the perfect fit... The car stopped and I could feel the lady walking. A door opened and I peeked outside of her coat. So many children, so many dogs. I have never been so scared in my life. I popped down again into her coat. There was barking, there was laughing and squeals of excitement. I had to peek again. So many smiling faces and hands reaching to touch me. The lady sent all the children to another room. She gently took me from her coat and said to me,"I am your mom and we would like you to be part of our family. Today is Christmas and we have so many gifts for you and your new brothers and sisters all want to meet you." The small and happy voice. To be continued...... How to take care of a ferret video. My new sister Tia took me from my mothers arms so gently and said,"Is it okay if I call you Sara? You really look like a Sara." And then she kissed me. I kissed her back over and over and over and she loved it. Soon I was being hugged and kissed by my whole family. Eleanor gave me the biggest, slobberiest kiss ever. She was wiggling and kissing me and there it was.....the bubbles of excitement that I had when I met my mother. I sniffed her and kissed her, she smelled like peanut butter. This was the first of many happiest days of my life, and that was the day I found my forever home. Peekaboo, I am in my Mom's coat. My neighbor taking me and Ping for a walk. Reading Comprehension Questions
1.Honey was a cat that lived on a farm.
2.It was Easter when Sara found a new home.
3.Sara lived with two dogs named Bart and Fred.
4.Sara's favorite treat is chocolate.

Virtue Discussion

Open Discussion about how all families are different.
Some have a Mom and Dad, some have only one parent, foster parents etc.

Dolch Word List Grade 3
Visit this site for printable list and activities. http://www.kidzone.ws/dolch/grade3.htm

Related Activities
Always think SPLICE
Make arrangements for a pet store to bring a ferret to visit
Have a field trip to a pet store. Boo Bob Steve ELCC 118 Communication Skills
Instructor Vince Hill
Children's Story

Completed By Lois Primeau
February 24th, 2013
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