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Bound by Donna Jo Napoli

No description

Kayla Anderson

on 9 January 2015

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Transcript of Bound by Donna Jo Napoli

Bound by Donna Jo Napoli
Bound, a story about a teenage Chinese girl in ancient China, is your common Cinderella tale; one evil stepmother and two less step-sisters. The main character, Xing Xing, life changes completely after her father unexpectedly dies and leaves her under the care of her stepmother, who's love and acceptance she tries to win throughout the story. Xing Xing is treated like a slave by her stepmother and stepsister, Wei Ping. She does tiresome work and runs terribly dangerous errands for her stepsister as she prepares herself to find a potential companion for marriage. But there is one thing that's keeping her stepsister from finding a husband and that is the size of her feet. Wei Ping has her feet bound to reduce her foot size and causes many problems for Xing Xing in the process.
The most prevalent theme in this story is that you can't win love no matter how hard you try. But even though someone doesn't show you the love you deserve doesn't mean that someone else won't.
"Xing Xing could not remember Stepmother ever having looked at her with approval" (pg 24)
Bound Vs. Cinderella
"She wanted to see that look again. It had been a long time since she felt anyone had cared for her" (pg 25)
"leave this cave now. Leave this woman and her daughter. Come, dearest Xing Xing, come with me. We have the rest of our lives for the rest of your list. (pg 184)
Both attend a "ball" where they leave an article of clothing
Biological mother dies & the father remarries.
The father dies and the step mother turns them into house servant
Both have an unpleasant step sister(s)
Both are chosen over their stepsister(s) by the prince
pcam diagram
: Xing Xing
: Xing Xing's stepmother does not love her and will not arrange for her to be married because she is viewed as the house servant instead of a (step)daughter
: Xing Xing meets a prince & he falls in love with her
: If one person does not love you someone else will
presentation by Kayla Anderson
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