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Persuasive Speeches and Tone

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Kelly Sandeen

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Persuasive Speeches and Tone

Persuasive Speeches and Tone
Tone and Voice
What determines our tone and our voice in writing and in speaking?
Connection with,
or Distance from,
the Audience.
Use active voice when speaking.

Active voice is a grammar term- it means that the subject of the sentence is performing the action expressed by the verb.
Sense of Identity
This one is simple- you need to have a good understanding of what you believe and why. Be specific with your beliefs.
Expressive Language
Be dynamic- you need your audience to remember what you say.

Ticket to Leave
Take the Google quiz by putting this link in your browser to earn your points.
Objective- To understand how voice will vary according to the type of piece, but should be appropriately formal or casual, distant or personal, depending on the audience and purpose.
appropriate connection with,
or distance from, the audience.
Sense of identity when speaking-
Expressive and engaging language
How does this apply to performing a speech?
Since you are discussing how YOU feel about your chosen freedom, you need to express how YOU feel- don't be passive.
Passive voice- "It is believed that freedom of speech is the most important of all freedoms."
Who is doing the believing in this sentence?
Active voice- "
I believe
that freedom of speech is the most important of all freedoms"
Correct Tone
Don't be overly conversational- you need to be credible when talking about your topic-
You need to establish credibility- use appropriate language to identify yourself as someone to listen to in regards to your topic.
Establish your tone with a controlled and specific thesis in your introduction.
"Freedom of speech is the most crucial of all freedoms."
Okay- but WHY? How does your audience connect this argument to you?
"Freedom of speech is the most crucial of all freedoms afforded to Americans because it is a foundation for a successful democracy. Imagine if we disagreed with our government and were unable to voice our opinions? What would a life of oppression feel like? What would it look like?"
George Washington said it best when he said, "If freedom of speech is taken away, then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter."
Loaded language- use emotional language to engage your audience.
Anecdote- use a personal experience or a story in your speech to personalize the cause for your audience.
Repetition- repeat important and strong language in your speech.
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