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Trabajo de Inglés

No description

Andrea Rivero

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Trabajo de Inglés

Cinderella's father, a widower, married a woman with two daugters.A died , full of envy for their sweetness and beauty, treated with great contempt and force him to do the dirtiest work, but she still remained sweet and serena.He prince organized a dance to find a wife but despite all his hopes, the stepmother from attending Cinderella.
While her fairy godmother who transforms into a princess for the ball, warning that the spell be undone at midnight. Cinderella and the prince fall in love and dancing nonstop, but to midnight Cinderella runs off, crying appears missing one shoe decides prince prove it to all young and marry her whom he serve. A despite attempts of the wicked stepmother and her daughters finally serves Cinderella shoe that marries the prince.

story disney
true story
It has two stepmothers, the first Cinderella is cruelly, and is following the advice of his mother, kills her brutally breaking his neck. A if her father marries the housekeeper, he found Cinderella worse since the new stepmother was just as bad and also with two cruel daughters. One for you between the shoe the toe is cut and the other heel cut. But two doves denounce the prince of deception. The wedding day Cinderella Prince orders the two doves to scratch his eyes stepsisters.

snow white
true story
story disney
the hunchback of notre dame
Victor Hugo
Tab Murphy
Brothers Grimm
Wihelm Grimm
Jacob Grimm
made by:
the little mermaid
Hams Christian
story disney
story disney
Getting under the sea, where the God Triton queen. All obey his orders except his daughter Ariel, a mermaid who dreams of a distant world out of the water. One day Ariel prohibited pays a visit to the surface, where he sees a human, a young prince. She saves him from drowning, but when he gets does not remember anything except the voice of Ariel and falls. Triton is angry for disobedience of Ariel, but she can only think of the prince. In future Ariel accept a bad deal Ursula, an octopus.
true story
Mind that Ariel makes a deal with Ursula. Ursula tells Ariel that if the prince marries another woman than she will become foam. Woman Prince believes saved him from drowning when Ariel is about to marry the prince appears. The prince marries her because Ariel does not convince you otherwise. In the end, Ariel ends throwing overboard and becoming foam.
the lion king
story DISNEY
This story of Simba, a cute lion cub, son of King Mustafa. Through a series of events, Simba thought to have killed his father, and flee into the jungle. There he meets Timon and Pumba, with them see life differently. And until you come back with Nala, Simba's friend, decides not to return to his people and stand up to his uncle Scar this uncle has supplanted the position of his father.

Jonathan Roberts
It is the story of a puppet named Pinocchio and his father, Gepetto, who granted the wish to have a child. Pinocchio just wants to be a good boy, but he falls into the trap of crooks that want your use as an attraction at a fair. In the end, everything is resolved, and lives happily with Pinocchio Gepetto.

Carlo Collodi
Hidden from the eyes of all the citizens of Paris, in the bell tower of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, Quasimodo lives. His tutor, Judge Frollo, never lets you down no bell. In the company of three sympathetic stone gargoyles Victor, Hugo and Laverne, Quasimodo spend hours watching people, until one day, he decides to sneak down and meets the beautiful Esmeralda, who live with their greatest adventure.
A very beautiful queen envious by her stepdaughter Snow White when her magic mirror tells her that growing up she has become the most beautiful in the kingdom, and ordered a soldier to kill her. The soldier takes pity on her and leaves free in the forest, where he finds a shelter in a small house inhabited by seven dwarfs. She comes to live with them in exchange for help doing chores. The stepmother finds out she's still alive, and prepared a poisoned apple that gives Snow White.And then try this dead falls, and dwarfs enclosed in a glass coffin. A passerby prince falls in love with her,
kisses her and wakes.

As punishment the queen for his misdeeds, the prince now king commands make a hot pair of shoes and this is bound to do it while dancing until you drop dead.
true story
In 1820, Sibson achieved a work of sculptor in Paris, as he says: "the (French) Government ordered the repair of the Cathedral of Notre Dame, and was already underway." Two contractors, pure and Fontaine, I was asked that he sculpted the foliage around the windows".
"I then asked to work in the studies of the Government, where were responsible for running the great figures (for decoration) and there met monsieur Trajan, more worthy, paternal and kind man that I have ever known."
"Carved on the orders of a sculptor of the Government whose name I have forgotten because I didn't have any relationship with him. All I know is that it was Razorback and it like do not mingle with the carvers .
"Monsieur le Bossu told monsieur Trajan that it ensure that it recruited the English small", continues Sibson. The Cathedral of Notre Dame had suffered serious damage during the most radical phase of the French Revolution at the end of the previous century, and it is known that Victor Hugo took an interest in its restoration.
Is very likely, says the Tate Gallery in a statement, because of his strong interest in the restoration of Notre Dame, Hugo met monsieur Trajan and his Razorback head.

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