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Proven Strategies for Success - Dr. Gerri B. Williams

Where prezi excels - Create using frames - Check your overview - Use a Path - Nonlinear discussions

Gerri Williams

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Proven Strategies for Success - Dr. Gerri B. Williams

Academic Integration Social Integration McNair Scholars Program Likelihood of Success Model
LSM Of the 18,600 students studied certain populations of students were NOT being retained... Gender Financial Status On Campus Involvement Academic Support Generational Status Faculty-Student Interaction Residential Status Low-Income First-Generation Underrepresented Academic Support Mentoring Faculty-Student Interaction Upward Bound & McNair Scholars Academic System Social/Cultural Enrichment Leadership Retreats Social System Traditional and Nontraditional Methods

Cell/Text Peer Mentors Alumni Mentors Community Mentors Mentoring Academic Support Summer Research Project GRE Prep Graduate School Visits/Fairs Upward Bound College Admissions Math
Writing Saturday Academies Intrusive Advising Ongoing Faculty Feedback College Visits Scholarships/Financial Aid Summer Residential Program Faculty encouraged to attend outside of class events Faculty hold office hours Faculty-Student Interaction Academic Support Mentoring and again... 2 Study Abroad!! Strategies for Success Dr. Gerri B. Williams
April 6, 2011 Intrusive Advising/Counseling Vincent Tinto's
Model of Student Persistance Faculty-Student Interaction Faculty Research Mentor
Workshop for Scholars "How to pick the Perfect Research Mentor" Training Session for Faculty Mentors "Working with Low-Income, First-Generation, Underrepresented Scholars Research Conferences Research Symposium *Peer Mentors
*Alumni Mentors
*Community Mentors *Social/Cultural Enrichment Activities
*On Campus Living
*On Campus Involvement
*Community Partnerships Community Service Residential Program during summer Community Partnerships Student Clubs/Organizations Building Relationships TRiO Programs Intrusive Caring! Etiquette Dinner Thank you! Congratulatory Events
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