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January 5th, 2015

What did students do over the break? Here's a clip of what I did. Zombie game. Introduce semester course outline and syllabus. Sight sing exercises. New songs. Music Literacy. Rehearse classroom procedures. Review upcoming homework due date.

Colby Hawkins

on 5 January 2015

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Transcript of January 5th, 2015

Wiggle time
Rehearse class procedures.

1) Coming into class.
2) Speaking during group instruction time.
3) Leaving class.
List Your Ideas:
Review Course Syllabus and Course Outline
Making the Most out of Rehearsals
Class Unity Activity
Zombie Name Game:
I select one person to start in the middle
and slowly, he or she
zombie walks
with hands outstretched and legs shuffling
towards another person
. That person must
say someone's name in the circle before the zombie tags
him or her. When a
new name is said then the zombie must slowly shuffle towards that person
and so on. If
you are tagged then you become the zombie
in the center.
Happy New Year!
Please raise your hand. What did you do over the Holiday break?
Before I share my ideas,
what are your thoughts on how to make rehearsals fun and productive?
1) More focused
2) Sing beautiful musica
3) Talk when given permission or during group activities, not instructional time
4) Monday Weekly breakfast
5) Weekly meditation activity
6) Monthly chair of love
Goal: We all Know Everyone's Names
Any Questions?
If time Introduce You to New Songs
5 min - Mrs. Hawkins Sight Singing Group Activity
5 min Music Literacy - look at course
outline-what is your class doing today
for music literacy?

1) Print and bring Course Outline.
2) Print bring, and sign and turn in bottom of Syllabus.
3) Bring the three class required materials (
class binder/folder,
several sheets of
music staff paper,
and a
spiral bound notebook
or diary)
All this is due Friday, Jan 9th at the
of class.
2-3 min
2-3 min
10 min
15-20 min
Syllabus and Outline
were emailed via school loop
yesterday. Please print them at
home, a library, or friend's house.
If you don't have a school loop
account please sign up.
Please have a seat as you come in where you sat last semester.
I will make new seating charts within the month as I get to know your voices better.

January 5th, 2015
Please stay seated until the bell rings.
Have a great day back! I hope to see
you at Aida auditions today or tomorrow.
Here's what
I did one afternoon
2 min
1) Jam session once per week
2) Chair of love/etc once/month
3) Be brave, courageous
4) Class get together
5) Choose a specific song from music library
6) Field Trip (UC Davis)
7) Secret Buddies
Women's Chorus
1) Chair of Love once/month
2) Have more sectionals
3) Get together more out of school to hang at Mels, Talia's house, maybe at school movie night.
4) Work together to improve choir reputation
5) Pick a song from music library to sing.
6) Keep in mind our participation 40% of grade.
7) If we give respect to others in class we'll earn respect.
1) Class Unity Activities (chair of love)
2) Field Trip
3) Community Service
4) Hang outside of class
5) Lunch time performance increase school exposure
6) Class games
7) Jam session (last min of class once per week)
8) Sectionals
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