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The System

No description

k l

on 13 April 2015

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Transcript of The System

The System
Key To The Vault
- Foundation Of Your Business

- The Bigger Your List The Bigger Your Business


- 200 Names Minimum

- Always Be Connecting

- Never NEVER prejudge AnyWUN

Never talk to ANYwun on your list until you have learned the proper invite!

- BE Excited, it's the most contagious form of human emotion

- BE in a rush

- Be The Messenger NOT The message, You're The Trailer To The Movie

- Make It A Statement NOT A Question

- Leverage & Edify Upline

- PS3 (Pique Interest, Share Video, 3 Way/Home Event)

- 3 Ways To Expose Someone

-3 Way Call
-Home Event

Home Events
"Your NETwork determines your NETworth"
Learn & Earn
- Cold Product

- Laptop ---> T.V.

- Host

- Play Video ( Lifestyle & Presentation Video)

- Product/Service Breakdown

- Edify Upline ( Guest Speaker/Skype)


- Compensation Plan

- Quick Start Training

More Meetings Means More Money
(Key To Duplication)
Go over the SYSTEM with your newest teammate IN PERSON or on Skype/Oovoo if they're out of state.

Hundreds of kids have become 5, 6 and 7 figure earners in Wakeupnow over the past 15 months since this company hit the young demographic, normal average people 18, 19, 20, 23 years old are literally re-writting the statistics to Network Marketing.

"GIVE a man a fish he'll eat for a night, TEACH a man to fish he'll eat for a lifetime."

We highly encourage and recommend you take notes on the SYSTEM, because it's scientifically proven you'll only remember 7% of what you're about to see and hear.

So if you want to create a massively successful team and build a highly sustainable residual income, grab a pen and paper.

5 Figure Earner
5 Figure Earner
6 Figure Earner
6 Figure Earner
5 Figure Earner
5 Figure Earner
Daniel Wetsby
6 Figure Earner
Darren Fryer
6 Figure Earner
Julian Kuschner
Bobby Tighe
Bryant Bryd
Gregory Pedriel
Avery Hart
- Follow Success (Say what they say, do what they do, get what they have)

- Youtube videos

- Books

- The more you grow as a leader, the more your bank account will too

* Educating yourself will make you money, educating others will make you a fortune.
2. Set Up Your Waiting Room
1. Download TaxBot off Android/App store & Deduct The $150 You Just Spent To Join And Gas To and From The Event you came to
3. Get Your WUN AT&T 22% Discount
4. Set Up Your WUNMD
5. Set Up Your WUN Personal Assistant
6. Order Your 3 Magazines From The Newstand
7. Activate Yor WUNPROTECT
8. Activate Vacation Club
9. Set Up WUNFINANCE through computer and/or download the App, & Activate WUNSPEAK and WULOCAL by computer and/or downloading the APPS
- Write Out Why You're Doing Wakeupnow, Not Just For Money

- EXAMPLE: Help Mom & Dad Retire, Brand New Car, Big New House, Travel All Across The World, Time & Financial Freedom To Actually Live Not Just Exist, Help Less Fortunate Kids In 3rd World Countries, etc.)

- Why Must Make You Cry, Dig Deep Down And Write Out A Strong Emotionally Positive Why

- Be Driven By Purpose & Reason, Not Dollar $ign$

- Checkout The Compensation Plan Below & Write Out A 3 Month, 6 Month, And 12 Month Goal
" The only thing worse than being blind is having sight but no vision."
ME: " Yo what's up Bob I'm so freaking stoked what are you doing right now?"

PROSPECT: " Nothing man why what's up?"

ME: " Bro check it out I'm in a HUGE rush right now I'm super busy, but I just got involved into something huge with some wealthy business men, I wanna get your opinion on this because I think you'd be so freaking good at it."

PROSPECT: " Ok for sure what is it?"

ME: " Like I said dude I'm super busy at the moment I have a couple more calls to make right now. It's mostly visual, and I can't really explain a multi million dollar business model over the phone. So if I would send you 2 five minute youtube videos explaining what it is would you watch it?"

PROSPECT: " That makes sense yeah of course, send them to me."

ME: " Ok perfect so if I call you back in like 15-20 minutes you'll have watched the videos for sure?"

PROSPECT: " Yes I'm at my computer right now I'll watch them right when you send them."

ME: " Awesome Bob I'll talk to you in 20 peace!"
60 second Invite Example:
***Invite Methods ***
2 Videos I use to share

- Lifestyle Video

- 3 Minute Presentation
Connect With The Uplines
Avery Hart: (407) 951-9116
Julian Kuschner: (484) 547-3479
Austin Godsey: (717) 341-5940
Bryant Byrd: (215) 594-1750
Danny Velez: (717) 825-3568
Jake Froehlich: (228) 343-4421
Jayson Pratt: (619) 453-1369
Joey Velez: (717) 542-8409
Ryan Ford: (717) 318-3068
Tito Ford: (717) 654-9782
Jason Lassiter: (215) 617-9555
Kervin Cherry: (717) 572-8695
Tanikka Hill: (717) 380-8930
Daniel Wetsby: www.facebook.com/TheDanielWestby
If you have any questions or need help don't hesitate to call us!!!
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