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What is Government?

No description

William Stuchell

on 10 September 2014

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Transcript of What is Government?

What is Government?
Government is defined as:

The body that creates and enforces laws, seeks to maintain order within society, and provides public services to citizens.
Key Terms
Executive: The person in charge of the government. (President, Prime Minister, King, Chief, Mr. Stuchell)

Legislature: The group of people responsible for making the laws of a country. (Congress/Parliament)

Judiciary: The judicial authorities of a country (judges).

Democracy: A system of government in which the people, or all eligible people, run the government. This is normally done through representatives.

Monarchy: King, Queen, Prince, Princess, etc.

Autocracy: All power is consolidated in one person.

Types of Democracies
Representative: The people elect representatives to represent them in a congress. Examples: The United States and Mexico

Direct: The people represent themselves. The only working example is Switzerland.
Types of Monarchy
Absolute: The King or Queen has total power. Examples: Saudi Arabia and Oman

Constitutional Monarchy: The powers of the monarch are limited by a constitution. Normally the monarch has a ceremonial role while power is held by the legislature. Examples: Great Britain and Spain

Types of Autocracy
Authoritarianism: Government characterized by absolute or blind obedience to authority. Examples: Syria, Laos, China

Despotism: A single entity rules a state. This may be a person, political party, or group of people.

Dictatorship: Power is held by one person or party. Example: Cuba, North Korea

Totalitarianism: One party or person holds complete power over all public and private life.
Examples: Nazi Germany
Oligarchy: Power is held by a few people.

Theocracy: Technically means rule by god or gods. In our times it means a country run by a religion or religious leader.

Anarchy: No government.
Types of Oligarchies

Aristocracy: Rule by a small, privileged, ruling class.

Military Junta: Rule by a group of military leaders. Example: Myanmar

Plutocracy: Rule by the rich.

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