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The Spoiled Child

No description

Júlia Sánchez

on 28 November 2012

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Transcript of The Spoiled Child

The Soiled Child Julia, Alice and Pedro Faggioni 8°B In a small village, lived a couple with their only daughter, Galinka. They loved her so much that they'd do anything for her, they worked so hard to give clothes and food, while she'd stay home all day nothing nothing. When she was younger, they'd carry her everywhere so she wouldn't have to walk. Her mother would always feed her, and she'd always brush Galinka's hair. When it was time for her to get married, a guy came and talked to her parents: "I promise I'll take good care of her." said the young man. "My little girl is not used to work, and she must not be tired. Don't make her clean the house and the yard with a broom or the dust will get in her eyes. Don't send her to the well for water. Her shoulders are delicate. She's not used to carrying heavy things. And don't forget to put a pillow under her head. Galinka always sleeps on something soft. And promise you'll never shout at Galinka. Her ears are not used to harsh words." said her mother. They got married, and Galinka went to live with her husband and his parents in their house. The bridegroom and his parents went to work on the fields, but Galinka refused to go.
"The sun is too strong" she complained. "I'll get sunburned."
So they left her at home. Galinka stayed home all day doing nothing. Without saying a word, the old mother brought water, lit the fire, put the potatoes into the pot, and prepared food.
In the evening, when the family returned home, they found out Galinka had done nothing all day; the house wasn't clean, the water buckets were not filled, and fire was not lit.
At dinner time, the fater broke the bread into three pieces. He handed one piece to his wife, another to his son, and the third one he kept for himself.
"What about Galinka?" the mother asked him.
"She is not hungry. If you don't work, you don't get hungry. Galinka left the table, and went straight to her room and began to cry. She coud not sleep. She lay awake all night long thinking of how hungry she was. The next morning, when Galinka got up the family had already left, so she decided to do her work. She rolled up her sleeves and sweeps out the house and yard. She carried water from the well. The she watered the garden, lit the fire, and prepared the supper. When the family arrived, exhausted from their days's work and saw what Galinka had done, their eyes lit up. Galinka set the table and gave the bread for her father-in-law. The old man took the break and broke it into four pieces. The biggest piece he gave to Galinka.
"Eat, my child. Now you have earned your bread. You have been working hard today!"
Galinka took the bread and began to eat it. Never in her life had bread tasted so sweet.
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