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The Simpsons Movie Archetypes

No description

on 3 December 2013

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Transcript of The Simpsons Movie Archetypes

The Simpsons Movie Archetypes
Seeks to destroy
or trap the hero
Character Archetypes Staring:
Revis Ryan
Angel Roman
Herson Jandres
Felipe Tejeda
Homer Is A Lazy Dad.
He Disposes A Pig Silo Incorrectly.
They Put A Dome Over Springfield
And He Ends Up Saving Springfield
When He Comes Back To Make
The Bomb Explode The Dome.

The Hero Who Didn't
Ask To Get
Involved,But Does
E.P.A. (Enviromental
Protection Agency) Put A
Dome Over Springfield
Because Of All The Pollution
Caused By The Lake.
Ned Flanders,Is The Simpsons
Neighbor Who Appears In
Random Scenes And Helps
Them Out When They Are
Mean Or Rude To Him
The Average Person

The mentor is a character who aids or trains the hero
Marge Simpson Tries To Make
Homer Agree With Her To Try
To Apoligize To Springfield
And So He Can Help Out
Springfield By Trying To Avoid
The Bomb Exploding In
The Joker Provides The Comedy Relief That A Story Often Needs To Off Set Heavy Dramatic Tension
Bart Simpson Is A Jokester Who Jokes
Around For Nothing.He Prank Calls
The Bar,Makes Fun Of People,And Plays Alot During Days Like A Bomb About To Explode In Springfield
Homer Simpson
The Simpsons Movie
The Simpsons Movie
Ned Flanders
The Simpsons Movie
Marge Simpson
The Simpsons Movie
Bart Simpson
The Simpsons Movie
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