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Space travel

No description

|Lennart |

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of Space travel

Sub-Orbital spaceflight
spacecraft reaches atmosphere and follows a ballistic trajectory
return to atmosphere after a few minutes
above the atmosphere the radiation rises
solar flares can give a fatal radiation dose in minutes
increases the chance of getting cancer
first rocket in space was the German V-2 (189 km)
test flight 1944
first satellite (Sputnik 1) by UDSSR in year 1957
first human spaceflight was Vostok 1 with Yuri Gagarin
orbit around the Earth

become more and more popular
most programs are from private companies
you can book three different types of your journey:
to the ISS, about 20.000.000$
about 100km above earth, approx. 150.000$
parabolic flight (zero G), starts at 8000€
most of them are scientific
around 2020 they will become cheaper

Earth (observation) satellites
navigation such as GPS

Space disasters
all launch vehicles contain a lot of energy
risk that it can be released prematurely
or suddenly explode
accidental depressurization and potential failure equipment

1. Launch
reaction principle
start from a space port
level principle of a rocket

Cold war
USA and UDSSR had a race into space
propagandistic usage
used to show the efficiency and the military worth
What was the first animal in space?
most satellites were used militarily
brought peace to the cold war
a lot of energy
spacecraft becomes very hot
most dangerous part of a mission
air becomes thicker

Reaching space
100km above the surface
only spacecrafts can reach this area
low level of oxygen

Can splash into the sea
land with a parachute
Space shuttles land like a airplane

The last 30 years
1981: space shuttle was invented
1986: base block of space-station "Mir" was sent into space
1998: construction of ISS
2014: Rosetta landed on a comet

Types of spaceflight
is flight into or through outer space
with or without humans
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky was a Russian scientist
Robert H. Goddard published his paper, which made space travel possible
proved the usage of rockets in vacuum
Space travel
Types of Spaceflights
What is the main usage of space travel?
Do we need it in our daily life?
spaceships are in a microgravity
short-term exposure causes space sickness
long-term exposure causes multiple health issues
microgravity leads to degeneration of muscles
What do you expect from the future in space?
Space colonization
from 2025 on different space programs will start exploring other planets where people can live
most of them are private -> expensive
Most recommended planets are:
spacecrafts explore orbits which are far away
travel time is the biggest problem
What do you see and can this be real in many years?
Life support
life supporting systems allow humans to survive
it contain: air, water and food
pressure, temperature and the body´s waste products
the system gets shielded against radiation, meteorites and cold
Human spaceflight
spacecrafts with humans are used in Russia and China
U.S. Space Shuttles fleet has been stopped
Orbital spaceflight
much higher velocities
technologically challenging
spacecraft must reach orbital speed
Interplanetary spaceflight
travel between planets in a planetary system
e.g.: travel between the planets of our Solar System
Interstellar spaceflight
spacecrafts, which leaves the solar system
Voyager 1 is the farthest spacecraft (100 AU)
use time dilation = time travel
require new advanced method of propulsion
Intergalactic spaceflight
travel between galaxies
it is impossible today
Would you like to travel into space?
Thank you for your attention!!!
Space tourism
Science->daily life

space exploration
searching outer space
governments pays billion of $/€ in scientific projects
most are about the behavior of plants or animate beings

Daily life

most achievements made in materials
we use them in:
solar power
Where do we have inventions from space in our live?
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