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digestive system 2

No description

tamara arosemena

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of digestive system 2

Digestive System Definition It’s the system in which food and liquids are passed down by the Esophagus down to the Stomach, that with the help of the Pancreas and liver create acids for the food and liquids to break down and then passed down to the intestine. Finally they take out that liquid or solid mixtures by the Anus.
Function Structure The process of the digestive system Basically made of a long tube from the mouth to the anus.

Series of tube like organs that convert our meals into body fuel.
Health topics Vegeteranism

Un healthy and healthy system

How do fats affect the system? Vegeteranism Un healthy and healthy system
How do fats affect the system? Un Healthy System

Healthy System Alcohol
Obese problems
Eating bad
Not exercising
Balanced eating
Good sleeping
Our body needs certain amount of fats

To many fats affect the system

Trans fats can close arteries
Two of the most common kinds of vegetarian diets are “lacto-ovo”, which includes eggs and dairy but not meat, and “vegan” which is a person that eats zero animal food

People become vegetarians for many reasons, including avoiding the pesticides and contaminants in the meat (which are put into the cow for their growth or to produce more milk), to support animal rights, to reduce the chance of heart disease and cancer (caused by the chemicals in the meat), and to eat cheaply.

Are we meant to be vegetarian?

Why is meat bad for our body?

Why aren't more people Vegetarian?

Good things about Vegetarianism

Some facts…

Conclusion about vegetarianism

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