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German-American Heritage Month

Exploring the contributions to and history of Americans with German heritage. A focus on Fritz Eichenberg, a wood engraver for children's books.

Ulonda Slaughter

on 21 November 2012

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Transcript of German-American Heritage Month

Heritage Month A Celebration of Culture What is this month
about? German Influences
in the U.S. Fritz Eichenberg Wood Engraving Eichenberg's Wood Engravings German-American Illustrator
Majority of his work done with wood engravings prints made from designs cut in relief on wood
a technique using hard, end-grained wood worked with a graver or burin
developed in the 18th century German-American
Authors & Illustrators German-American contributions German Americans you might know Foods & Traditions originating in Germany German-American Heritage Month celebrates the contributions and history of Americans with German ancestry In 1983, President Ronald Reagan made the first Presidential Proclamation proclaiming October 6th as German-American Day
The country's President makes a proclamation every year October 6th, 1683:
date of the first
permanent German
settlement, which was established in
Germantown, PA Woodcut and wood engraving. (2011). Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, 6th Edition, 1.
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