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Cinnamon Cooney

No description

alexis pasillas

on 11 February 2016

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Transcript of Cinnamon Cooney

Cinnamon Cooney
Mom, Artist, and creator of the Hart Party.
Lives in Humble, TX, United States
Female, born on July 1, Joined her art party on December 13,2010
Spends most of her time doing art and spending time with her Hart party and her kids.

Her favorite things to draw are owls, horses, feathers, and waters.
She continues on her simple drawing and makes her elements show and hide.
She guides people into her footsteps so she can do the same success as she did.
She puts objects together so it in a way can show art with them and all of the collection that all the objects have.
She tries to make all of her artwork very colorful and pop out, or just simple steps of painting hr favorites.
Cinnamon's and My artwork can be similar because we make the effect and be the best at what we believe. Her drawings are mostly painting and I like to paint and draw freestyle. Also, our work just keeps adding on from one little drawing,them we add more things that we believe will make our art more catchy and perfect even though nothing is perfect we try to make things look good. Lastly, art is a very special thing to me and i amire it and I'm pretty sure she does the same to her awesome and amazing artwork.
Last I thought that Cinnamon Cooney was a Great artist and she made me believe that no matter how good my artwork is I can always get better. Also I thought her name was really catchy and it drawed my attention right away because of how she was named.
She is a Mom, an artist, and a radical joy enthusiast.
Art has always been a big deal to her.
She was born on July 1
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