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An Introduction to Fairy tales

Covers the definition, history, and some writers

Andrew Chen

on 17 July 2013

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Transcript of An Introduction to Fairy tales

What is a Fairy tale?
The history of Fairy tales
Who writes fairy tales?
Hans Christian Anderson
Thanks for attending this class!
An Introduction to Fairy Tales
What is
Fantasy usually involves
, or
A wizard!
-uses magic
A dragon! -magical creature
characters include:
and many others...
Most Fairy tales have:
-a hero/heroine

-a prince/princess

-a villain


-and most importantly, a happy ending!
(fairy tale ending)
Fairy tale (noun):
A Fairy tale is a short story with
fantasy characters and magic!
-The origin of fairy tales is unknown.

-From the 16th to 17th century (1500s-1600s),
fairy tales were spread verbally(with words).
This is why there are different versions of fairy tales.

-Fairy tales were originally for adults!

-During the 19th-20th century (1800s-1900s), they were made popular for children.
Fairy tale history:
Did you know the Chinese version of Cinderella has a magical fish instead of glass slippers?
Some fairy tales are based off real history!
-In the 18th century (1700s), there was a German girl named Maria Sophia Margaretha Catherina von Erthal.

-She had a stepmother who was mean, and owned a mirror.
-This mirror is now in her hometown museum, called the "Talking Mirror".
(It doesn't actually talk)
Now that you know what a
fairy tale
is, which is your favorite fairy tale?
Can you identify:
-the hero/heroine
-the prince/princess
-the villain
-the magic/magical creature
-the happy ending!
An example: Snow White

-the heroine
-the prince
-the villain
-the magic/magical creatures

-the happy ending
Snow White
The evil stepmother
unnamed prince
The prince rescues Snow White, and
they marry and live in his castle.
The dwarves, the magic mirror, and the magic poison apple
The Grimm Brothers
Some well-known writers are the Grimm Brothers and Hans Chris Anderson,
-lived in Germany between the 18th and 19th century
-A lot of their stories
inspired the Disney movies.
-in college they collected
fairy tales and also wrote
new fairy tales.
-Some of their fairy tales are:

Snow White
Sleeping Beauty
Hansel and Gretel
Little Red Riding Hood
-Lived 1805-1875 in Denmark.
-He was a Danish poet and writer.
-He began writing fairy tales after
being unsuccessful in acting.
-His stories include:
The Ugly Duckling
The Princess and the Pea
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