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Maria's Presentation

No description

Castroville PC Lab

on 3 June 2015

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Transcript of Maria's Presentation

Economical means pertaining to the production, distribution and use of income, wealth and communities. Or something that has to do with money. In the text it states that'' The Romans brought enslaved people from conquered lands to the Italian Peninsula to provide free labor." The rich wanted them no to get paid. Free labor means that they work for free. In the Brazilian article it states that." Some people don't even have water in there houses because the government forgot all about them." This proves that the government didn't have enough money because they were putting money on the stadium.
Political means relating to government.In the text it states that," Roman governors forced the conquered people to pay high taxes and spent the money on luxuries for themselves and weapons for the army." This evidence is explaining that they were unfair to the new people. However, in Brazil's article it states that," The Government forgot all about the people in Metro people living there started saying" We are not animals to be discarded in this way." I put this for political because that government forgot about them because of that parking lot they were making for the world cup in Brazil.
As you can see,there are a lot of similarities in all three places. In all three places there are a lot of unfairness. People are mistreated and forgotten . There are a lot of unfairness in this world.
On the text it states that," Romans farmers sold there land to the wealthy people and moved to the cities." This proves that there job didn't pay them enough so they had to move.
Rome, Brazil, and India have a lot in common about Political, Social, and Economical issues. For example, people are mistreated and also forgotten in all three places.
Maria #9's Presentation
On the other hand, on the social studies book it states that," Romans poor had some voice in government, but they had little power to change things." The poor people wanted to help each other but not many poor people were in government. On the Brazilian article it states that," The president wanted to build a big parking lot but all of the sudden the government stopped." This proves that people were complaining about there houses being taken down.
Social is relating to the life, welfare and relations of humans in a community. In the text it states that," They did little or nothing for the command people, who fell deeper and deeper into debt and had little opportunity to take part in government." This is talking about people and whats happening to them. It also states that," People in Favela do Metro say that they were mistreated during preparation for the World Cup." This proves that they were mistreated because the government didn't care about the citizens. In the Indian Article it states that," If your in a station airport, railroad station, road, highway, bus stop, hospital, shopping mall, market, temple, or even in a social or religious gathering, the places are always over crowded of any time of the day. This shows that there are too many in India.
In the social studies book it states that." They were either unwilling or unable to share their wealth and power with the less fortunate." Some people were poor but some don't want to help or they can't because they aren't wealthy. This evidence is social because it's talking about the people.
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