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Jamella's Family

All about my family!

Jamella Gregory

on 19 May 2014

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Transcript of Jamella's Family

My Mum has been my friend before Tiffany, Elissa, Lee-Ann or Rhian, and I love her no matter what happens!

Her favourite food is Indian.

My Mum's favourite colour is...

Also she is a GOOD cook!

She has two other children, but ill get back to that.
Mum-She cooks the BEST food ever!
My Dad is a Health-Cear Asistent, he workes at L&D Hospital (Luton & Dunstable Hospital).

My Dad's favourite

He fixes LOT'S and LOT'S of stuff .

Also for your information my Dad LOVES CAPS!
Dad-Works at night!
Robyn is my FIRST necie and she is soooooo CUTE!

There isn't much to say about her but if something happens I will run if i have to see her CUTNESS in my very own eyes!
Robyn-My necies
Jordan is a MASIVE FAN OF THE PS3!


Also he plays his games with people from America.

His BFFS are Jonathan, Dale and MEEEEE!
Jordan- My brother (IRITATING)
Jamella's Family
This presentation will include Jamella's Family and Pets.
Ginger Beer
My sister is a HARD working teacher, but since last month she hasn't been working because off some issuse, but you don't have to know!

Now she lives with HER Dad (My sister and brother have a diffrent Dad to me).

My sisters favourite Fizzy Drink is Ginger Beer!
Jo-Anne-My sister
Joni-My other sister-She made me a Aunty!
Resentley my sister Joni had a baby (I'M A AUNTY)!

My necies name is Robyn, but i'll get to her soon in my Prezi.

My sister has a diffrent mother to me, and my other sister which is my third sister has the same mother as Joni!
Rhianna is my other sister from another mother (Joni's Mum).

When she goes to school she wears a long long dress, the colours are black and white or blue and white.

i haven't seen Joni or Rhianna for SIX years! But we talk on whats-App and Face-Time.

Rhianna-My sister
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