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Scottie robinson prezi

ms.moates i deserve a A

scottie robinson

on 26 August 2015

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Transcript of Scottie robinson prezi

Education needed
Mechanical engineers utilize scientific and mathematic principles to devise technical solutions for problems in construction, engine design and manufacturing. Aspiring mechanical engineers must earn a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering at minimum, and many pursue graduate degrees in the field. Every state requires that mechanical engineers earn licensure, which calls for education, supervised work experience and several examinations..

Why in want to be a engineer
the salery of a engineer
Electrical Engineer III in the United States that make less than that annual salary. For example the median expected annual pay for a typical Electrical Engineer III in the United States is $93,332 so 50% of the people who perform the job of Electrical Engineer III in the United Sates are expected to make less than $93,332

by:scottie robinosn jr.
the reason why i want to enginner is because i want to make somthing in life and i want to make a phone or a car.
love u ms.moates this deserve a 100!!!!!!!!
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