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Airsoft Demographics

No description

Isaac Holm

on 6 May 2015

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Transcript of Airsoft Demographics

Business Demographics
Businesses often use demographics to create marketing plans to make sure they can effectively target their respective markets.
Fox Airsoft
I was able to look at some statistics from a local field, called Flat Acres Farm in Parker, which is run by Fox Airsoft, the local shop.
My Source
Civilian status
Gun & Gear Preferences
Data: Age groups
Airsoft Demographics
MilSim Experience
Sidearm or Nah?

- Target the 18-39 age group, as it makes up the biggest group
- Begin to bring in the higher quality and starter level equipment and start to phase out the mid grade items
- Especially start to sell items that meet the gear requirements of both American Milsim and Lion Claws games
- Bring in a bigger verity of side arms, as the majority of FAF participants use sidearms
- Keep the Veteran discount, as it attracts many former service members.
(Out of military-aged
individuals from the
previous slide)
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