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Split Quotations

ELA - Lesson 1

Jennie Kim

on 24 January 2013

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Transcript of Split Quotations

A split quote is a quote separated by the person who spoke. Split Quotation Marks Split Quotes vs. Not Split Quotes Split Quotes "I'm hungry," said Esther, "I wonder what we're eating for dinner." "Please help me find my markers," said Julie. Split Quotes

Steps Step 1 Identify the two quotes and the speaker. "Today is such a nice day," said Mark, "Let's go to the park." Not Split Quotes Brian asked, "Should we order pizza for dinner tonight?" Example:
please talk quietly said my mom your little brother is sleeping. Step 2 Start the first quote with a capital letter and end with a comma. Example:
Please talk quietly, said my mom your little brother is sleeping. Step 3 Add a comma after the speaker to separate the speaker from the second quote, and start the second quote with a capital letter. Example:
Please talk quietly, said my mom, Your little brother is sleeping. Step 4 Enclose/Add quotation marks to both quotes. Example:

"Please talk quietly," said my mom, "Your little brother is sleeping." Step 5 Check your sentence for mistakes and make necessary corrections.
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