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kkkk kk

on 16 October 2012

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TOEFL VOCABULARY Frail (adj.) Detect (v.) Revitalize (v.) Resolve (v.) Definition: Not strong or healthy. Definition: A person or thing that is not included. Alluring (adj.) Definition: Having a quality that attracts people. Astounding (adj.) Definition: Very surprising. Definition: To discover or notice something that is difficult to see,hear,taste,feel, etc. Definition: To make (someone or something) active, healthy, or energetic again. Definition: To find a solution to a problem. Definition: To provide or be a good reason for something. Justify (v.) Definition: To make (something) seem greater or more important than it is. Magnify (v.) Synonym: Weak. Sentence: My friend is still very frail after his accident. Synonym: Amazing. Sentence: I ate an astounding amount of food. Synonym: Attractive. Sentence: She bought an alluring diamond. Synonym: Discover. Sentence: I detected a slight change in his attitude. Synonym: Repair,revive. Sentence: The mayor hopes to revitalize the city. Exception (n.) Synonym: Exclusion. Sentence: There is an exception to every rule. Synonym: Fix. Sentence: Most of the difficulties have been resolve. Synonym: Excuse. Sentence: Nothing justifies murdering another human being. Synonym: Increase. Sentence: I don't want to magnify the importance of these problems. Definition: To say that (something) is not allowed.
Prohibit (v.) Synonym: Ban. Sentence: Alcohol is prohibited in schools.
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