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Observational Learning / Social Learning Theory

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Sarah Collins

on 30 August 2013

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Transcript of Observational Learning / Social Learning Theory

Observational Learning / Social Learning Theory
Social Learning Theory
Learning that occurs through observing the behaviour of others.
Albert Bandura - BoBo Doll Experiment.
Models and social models.
The link between the model and the learner.
4 stages involved in observational learning activity.
What is social learning theory?
It is also known as observational learning.
It is learning that occurs through observing the behaviour of others.
This theory was developed by Bandura.
Does not need reinforcement but needs models.

4 Stages in Observational Learning

1. ATTENTION: observers cannot learn unless they pay attention to whats happening around them - influenced by characteristics of the model and also the observer.

2. RETENTION/MEMORY: depends on the observers structure of information in an easily remembered form.

3. IMITATION/MOTOR: observers must be physically/intellectually capable of producing the act.

4. MOTIVATION: unless motivated an individual does not produce learned behaviour.
Observational Learning or Social Learning does not need reinforcement, but needs a model.

Model - someone of a higher status.
Social Model - parent, friend or teacher.

Examples of observational learning include:
A child learns to walk.
A child learns how to play a game while watching others.
A young boy swings a baseball bat without being explicitly taught how to do it after attending a baseball game.
A girl puts make up on after watching her mother.

It is believed that television plays a large role in modeling behaviour to children
There is so much graphic violence demonstrated in television shows that children watch
Group Discussion: In your opinion, does violence on television effect children’s behaviour and overall development?
Albert Bandura
BoBo Doll experiment.
Bandura claims that children continually learn both desirable and undesirable behaviour through observational learning.
3 different endings to the YouTube video. One ending is at the end of the film the aggressive behaviour is phrased. The second ending the model is sent to the corner and not allowed to play with toys and the last ending the model simply walked out of the room
Models, Social Models and the link between the model and the learner.
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