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serial killer

jesica oliver

on 15 March 2012

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Arthur Gary Bishop 1979-1983 was Bishop's killing years 1979 Bishop murdered 4 year old Alonzo Daniels He lured Alonzo to his
house by promising him free candy when he got the 4 year old
inside of his house he drowned him in the bath tub!!! In 1980 Arthur killed 11 year old Ron Rosen he got ron inside his apartment by telling him he was goin to buy a pair of roller skates Bishop bludgeoned Ron to death 1981 Bishop murdered another 4 year old Danny Davis He got Danny away from a supermarket to his house a couple of blocks away . Danny's cause of death is unsaid. Bishop struck again in 1983 luring Troy Ward the day after his 6th birthday from a park into his apartment, Bishop then sexually assaulted and bludgeoned and then drowned the little boy. BISHOPS FINAL MURDER 13 year old Graeme Cunningham Graeme's death was prior to embarking
upon a camping trip his death is also unsaid... Bishop was aiming for young boys,
he had made a comment that said "i would
do it again!!!" Arthur's reasoning for these crimes is because he is a homosexual pedophile, he said he became sexually attracted to young boys and fantasized about them being unexposed to clothes, he then became stimulated and had to gratify his urges or explode. All boys became sexual object. His consciense was desensitized and his sexual appetite entirely controlled his actions!!! Bishop was executed by legal unjections at Utah State Prison in Point of the Mountain on June 10, 1988, where he then expressed remorse for his crimes....
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