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The Woman in the Snow

The Woman in the Snow; Storyline by Sara Flynn and Madeline Dauzat

Sara Flynn

on 23 January 2013

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Transcript of The Woman in the Snow

The Woman in the Snow by Maddie Dauzat and Sara Flynn Climax/Rising Action/Falling Action Falling Action/Resolution: Falling Action: Falling Action: Resolution: Falling Action: Climax: Climax: Rising Action: Exposition: Exposition: Rising Action: Exposition: During the 1930s, while the buses and schools were still segregated, a white man named Grady took a job as the bus driver for the Metro bus company. Grady is on the last leg of his shift, when he sees a colored woman running towards the bus with a baby in her arms. She claims her child is sick, her husband is out of town, and she needs to get to the hospital, but she cannot afford the fair. Grady, who's father was the town's drunk, is easily angered, and not a kind person. he is very irritated when one snowy night, he is asked to take the Hall Street Express, or "Blackbird Express". Grady scoffs at the woman, and tells her to get off the bus. In a desperate plea, she offers him her golden wedding ring, but he still refuses, leaving her standing there with her sick child in the cold. One year later, Grady has the same shift on the same night. As he's driving down the same road on the East Side, he can just make out the shape of a woman clutching something to her chest running towards the bus. Grady, who hears his cruel father's voice in his head telling him that "It's just some other woman...you know how they all look the same", swerves out of control on the icy road, slams into a tree, and is killed. Over 25 years later, Ray Hammond is the first African American to take a job as a bus driver. The same night of the record snowfall twenty five years ago, he has the Hall Street Express route. His co-workers tease him about the "ghost woman" who "haunts the route". Being kinder than Grady was all those years ago, Ray lets Eula Mae on the bus. When she points out that she can't pay the fare, he pays for her and drops her off at the hospital, while telling her about the Civil Rights movement and how he was able to get this job along the way. As they pull up to the hospital in the bone-chilling snow, Eula Mae thanks Ray and steps off the bus towards the hospital, she and her baby disappearing into the snow. Shrugging off the warnings from his co-workers, Ray takes the shift, and finishes it--until he gets to the last street on the East Side. There, he sees a young woman nearly his wife's age, clutching something to her chest, running towards the bus. Setting: Southern Alabama during the 1930s - 1960s. THE END!
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