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Future-Proof Your Education

How do you prepare for uncertain career paths where technical knowledge doubles every two years? You pay attention to the skills that surround the content: Interact, Flex, Learn, Explain, Analyze, and Focus.

Maria Andersen

on 25 August 2010

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Transcript of Future-Proof Your Education

Future-Proof Your Education by Maria H. Andersen
Muskegon Community College
@busynessgirl Illustrations by Mat Moore
garlicandcoffee@gmail.com FOCUS EXPLAIN FLEX LEARN ANALYZE INTERACT Information
Literacy What information is needed? How is the information organized? What would be the best sources? Where/how should I look? Manage Information Stream Synthesize
the Details Reflect and Evaluate Know what you know
(metacognition) Formulate good questions Pay Attention to Details Set and Meet Goals Listen Formulate a Learning Plan Observe Critically Remember
(when you need to) Determine and create the right media for the job. Media Literacy Convey Ideas in Text Depict Data Visually Speak so that others understand Present
ideas digitally Design for the Audience Advocate and Influence Collaborate Face-to-face or Virtually Guide Others Lead Resolve Conflict and Negotiate Innovate Think across disciplines Think across cultures Adapt to new situations See others'
perspectives Be creative Solve Problems Interpret Data Forecast Think Critically Make Decisions Filter
Information How do you prepare for an uncertain future with multiple career paths? Where technical knowledge doubles every two years? You pay attention to the that surround the content. skills http://www.flickr.com/photos/gabenl/2775452617 Read with understanding http://www.flickr.com/photos/margolove/1252522330/ Copyright Don't
Learning! Licensed for Creative Commons
Attibution Non-Commercial Share Alike like (like this) Focus
on your
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