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Nyan cat Facts !!

No description


on 1 October 2014

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Transcript of Nyan cat Facts !!

Nyan Memes
After nyan was made so were memes of it .some with nyan in it or some that is about nyan either way ppl laughed at the memes and nyan cat was even more famous
Nyan generation
Nyan has been developed to different types like taco nyan, pokenyan, and gameb oy nyan.
Nyan cats start
Nyan cat was an internet sensation but like others died out.
Nyan games
Nyan has doveloped to have his own game and people play them to this day
Thats all folks!
thats it for now i will make more prezis for you guys byeeeeee! :3
Nyan cat Facts !!
Nyan`s evil twin
After the creation of ny an the creators thought that he should have a evil twin called Tac nayn. Tac nayn was a waffle with the same features but pooped ashes, fire, and lava.
a picture of both of them
battle of the cats
About Nyan
Nyan cat was a "poptart cat" who pooped rainbows with a cat face , nubby legs, and tail. The body of Nyan was pink with hot pink sprinkles.
Nyan cat fact
The song of nyan cat was voiced by Hatsune Miku! if you wanna check out the prezi for miku go look for it in the prezi search bar.
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