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sarah althomairi

on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of SANDSTORMS

General types of Sandstorms:
1- Movable Sandstorms.
That comes from outside of KSA as Iraq and desert of Egypt.

2- Raised Sandstorms. its local .

Specific types of Sandstorms:
1- Shamal

2- Simoom

3- Haboob
Map showing the sandstorm
What Sandstorm Is?
Effects con..
-It gets very hard to breathe.
-suffocation and maybe even blindness! (if you keep your eyes open to long and sometimes just if you have your eye open.)
-Dust particles can transfer serious types of bacteria more than 40% which can reach into the human lung when inhaled .
- lead to the injury of human acute lung inflammation.
- asthma attacks for asthmatics.
-heart disease .
- allergic rhinitis symptoms. sandstorms can get inside your vents and any other openings in your house if you do not block them off correctly.. That is why sandstorms can effect people’s lives.
*Sand storms happens usually in the summer.

*Sandstorms can destroy property and hurt people.

*Disappearing Army!!
Effects of Sandstorm

Sandstorms can effect people’s lives in many different ways. Sandstorms can dry up water, people, plants, and anything that contains water Also, it can cause suffocation and maybe even blindness! (if you keep your eyes open to long and sometimes just if you have your eye open.)

Sandstorms is a meteorological
phenomenon common in Arid and semiarid regions.caused by strong winds blowing over loose soil or sand, and picking up so much of that material that visibility is greatly reduced. The widespread abundance of loose sand in deserts makes them the most common locations for sandstorms to form.
is not happening only in the middle of the desert. They happen in any dry area and the most affected places are the east and the center of KSA.
a couple years ago a lot of villages in Al-Ahsaa city was suffering from sand encroachment, so on 1963, the government found an idea to reduce the sand encroachment by implement a Vegetation.
Nowadays the project of Vegetation is succeed and becomes one of a big local park in Al-Hasaa cause it is have a lot of different and big trees is looks like a Forest in the desert.
The area of Vegetation is ​​up to 4,500 hectares.
Some tips and solutions
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