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Coca Cola Marketing Presentation

No description

Sean McGrath

on 1 December 2013

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Transcript of Coca Cola Marketing Presentation

1886 - John Pemberton made French Wine Coca Recipe

1887 - First sales promotion in newspaper

1888 - Company Incorporated with four Atlanta businessmen
1892 - The Coca Cola Company founded by Candler

1894 - First advert on billboard in Georgia

1899 - First bottling plant in Chattanooga,Tennessee

1944 - The one-billionth gallon of Coca-Cola syrup was manufactured

1961 - Sprite introduced

1982 - Introduction of Diet Coke

1985 - New Coke recipe introduced

2011 - Word Classic taken off all coke products

What is Coca Cola?
What does it taste like?
What does it look like?
What do consumers expect?

What Is Coca Cola?
Carbonated cola flavoured soft drink

Available in a number of forms including Original, Diet, Zero as well as flavours such as Cherry and Vanilla

What Does Coke Look Like?
Instantly recognisable iconic Red & White logo

Glass bottles developing to cans and then plastic bottles

Associated with hip/cool image.

Don’t buy a drink, buy an icon.

What Does It Taste Like?
Fizzy cola flavoured soft drink

High quality consistent taste across all lines - produced in coca-cola owned factory to ensure total quality management

Product differentiation - different tastes in different markets. (Higher sugar in US)

Flavours added to expand product to more individuals and enhance their perception

What Do Customers Expect?
Convenient - easy to access and enjoy on the go.

Tasty - Flavoursome drink that will satisfy taste needs

Popular - Will fit in with personal image

Reliable - Consistently reliable flavour that never fails to deliver a superior taste

Early Fixed Price Strategy
1886 - 1959 - very little fluctuation in price.
Aggressive Marketing - 5 cent price tag
High inflation in 1950's, abolished fixed price strategy.
Since 2012 Coke has been available in every country in the world except Cuba and N. Korea

Over 3000 brands globally

Certain products only available in certain countries
Improving Public Image
Coke have gone from:
Happiness = Coke Healthy = Happiness = Coke

Settled a case taken against them over caffeine content
Reduced Caffeine content to save Public image.

Common Myths about Coca Cola
Coke sponsored the 1936 Nazi Olympics

Only two people know the recipe for coke and they cannot be on the same continent at the same time.

Coke was originally green.
Coca Cola Prices Today
PR Crises for Coca Cola

Over 100 sick children
15 million cans recalled
“Your coke is back!” campaign
Coca cola’s image is left untarnished

Allegation of unclean factories
High pesticide content in beverages
Expert teams sent in to deal with the problem
Restored faith and trust of people
Recently received environmental award for government

Health Awareness Campaign
Anti-Obesity Campaign
“Calorie in, Calorie out” to promote a healthier lifestyle

• Magic Pills
Quirky Campaign to encourage exercise.

Coke is made from cocaine

Coke is so acidic it will decay a full tooth

Coca Cola made Santa Claus red
Question Time
Saturation Phase

Advertising objective is to communicate brand image

Sales objective - Remind people about Coke
Historically - large advertising budget

$3.2 billion advertising expense

Brand is worth est. $74 billion
Strategy of multiple campaigns

Often seasonal

Happiness, Positive Emotions

That warm fuzzy feeling
Media Type

TV, Billboard, Online, Sponsorship

Free merchandise, vending machines, 007

Tailored to regions (Ramadan)

Hilltop Ad Campaign
I'd like to buy the world a coke
Share A Coke Campaign
Originally run in Australia and New Zealand

So popular it was launched in Europe

Sales went up by 2.9%

Digital Campaigns
Coke Happiness Machine

Huge attention from social media

Millions of hits in you tube

Low cost

Promotions Gone Wrong
Promotional Campaign in Canada of Vitamin water

French words printed on the inside of cap with dual French and English meaning

Some words very offensive

World's largest carbonated drinks company (60.9% Market Share)

Over 500 products

Main rival is Pepsi

"Responsible marketing company"
US Price - 69c
Irish Price - €1
Indian Price - 23c
US Price - €1.78
Ireland Price - €2.29
Indian Price - 42c
India Crisis 2003

Modern Pricing Strategies
'Meet the competition pricing'
Distribution Channels
Franchised operation
Each region has own bottling plant
Manual distribution centre model (MDC)
It is ‘the pull of the Coca-Cola brand’ that is responsible for getting Coca-Cola to the most remote parts of developing countries
Bottled Locally
Coca Cola only distributes syrups
Bottled locally where sugar and water is added
Means coke tastes different in every country
Different cultures have different tastes for Coke

Fluent and consistent strategy

Entering new markets

Maximise shareholder value
Belgium Crisis 1999
Always Coca Cola
Linking Christmas to Coca Cola
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